Doing business with Team Defence Australia

The successful export of defence related equipment, materials and expertise is rarely a simple or straightforward process. The competition in the global defence marketplace is fierce and access to many potential markets can be constrained by local legislation, international (bilateral/multilateral) agreements, and/or security issues.

Australian companies considering exploring export markets need to be confident of their product, confident of their ability to deliver, 'export ready', and prepared to devote the time and resources to 'stay in the game' for the long haul.

The following pages have been prepared to provide basic guidance to companies considering pursuing the export of a defence-related product. The information is a guide only and should not be regarded as an exhaustive list of issues to be considered.

Team Defence Australia will assist with further queries and suggest sources of additional information wherever able, including facilitating advice and assistance from the Defence Export Control Office. Most Australian States and Territory Governments also have agencies that can assist with export related information.

The guidance includes background on:

Are you export ready?  

Intellectual Property

Speed marketing and quad charts

Applying to attend shows