Use of Images and Logos

Publications include documents intended for, or likely to be made available to, the public, State authorities or foreign countries by way of free issue or sale. They include books and booklets (monographs or serials; hardback or paper bound), periodicals, journals, departmental and committee reports, instructional handbooks and manuals, posters and display material, binders for documents published in loose-leaf format, broadsheets, pamphlets, folders, leaflets, forms of advertising, and business cards. This is regardless of whether the publication is offered in print or digital (for example, PDF) format.

Electronic publishing includes Internet and Intranet material, including communication materials sent via email.

Audio visual publishing This includes material intended for television programming and advertising, internally-commissioned DVD or videotape programming and DVD/CD-ROM based multimedia material.

Marketing products This includes all merchandise used to promote an initiative, raise awareness of a work area, and to fundraiser. Examples are pens, mugs, stress balls, mouse mats and other similar promotional products. The development of marketing products for use within the Department is strongly discouraged and must be in accordance with a communication strategy. Guidance on the development of products and use of the departmental logo is provided by the Corporate Identity Coordinator.


External audiences The generic version of the departmental logo must be used when presenting to an external audience. The departmental logo represents both the civilian and Service aspects of the Department of Defence. Identification to Group level or development of new identification below Group level is at the Secretary's discretion. For further advice on identification for external publications, contact the Corporate Identity Coordinator.

The Australian Government design should always have prominence over and above other images and graphic elements.

No other logos other than those outlined above are permitted in Defence. No area is to develop or create a logos, designs or brands. The development or use of logos to identify directorates, programs, projects, agencies or groups contravenes the 2003 Australian Government decision and is therefore not permitted.