Army’s Hawkei demonstrates Operational Intelligence

Army Hawkei is demonstrated

28 Aug


The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group’s (CASG) Land 121 Phase 4 project team has put the Hawkei protected vehicle’s new C4I Integral Computing System (ICS) to the test, during a demonstration of the deployable Protected Mobility Vehicle – Light (PMV-L) capability at the Monegeetta Proving Ground. 

During the activity a Project Charter for the ICS was signed, guiding the interaction and collaboration between Defence and the nine contractors involved in delivery of the ICS; Thales Australia, Cablex, Elbit Land Systems Australia, Esterline, Harris Australia, Kongsberg, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, and Thomas Global Systems. 

Land 121 Phase 4 Project Director COL John McLean said that the ICS reflects the Australian Army's requirement for a more integrated approach to C4I on vehicles that realises benefits in the areas of useability, space, weight and power.  

“Using generic vehicle architecture (GVA) and a central computing concept to host various C4I systems and communications, the ICS will optimise and centralise the flow of information to the user, enabling rapid decision making and multitasking at levels not previously achievable on land based platforms,” COL McLean said.   

“The new ICS will enable the vehicle operator to manage radios, sensors, the Battle Management System, and weapon systems – all through a common interface. 

“The ICS was demonstrated to work successfully with Army’s Battle Management System and communications suite, as well as other features and systems of the deployable PMV-L capability.” 

While the demonstration was a contractual requirement for Hawkei’s Bendigo-based manufacturer Thales, it also gave the invited Defence stakeholders an opportunity to see the deployable PMV-L’s various planned features, including: 

· Integral Computing System (ICS) Command Vehicle installation 

· Battle Management System (BMS) operating on Windows 10 

· Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) 

· Digital Terminal Control Station (DTCS) 

· Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) 

· Force Protection Electronic Counter Measures (FPECM) 

· Rocket Propelled Grenade Cage 

· Remote Weapon Station 

· Manned Weapon Mount 

Visitors were also able to experience the handling characteristics and performance of the Hawkei through an interactive patrol demonstration. 

The initial baseline of the C4I ICS will be available on low-rate-initial-production vehicles from 2018.