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Soldier Enhancement Version 2 (Lethality)

AusSteyr EF88 weapon system
Project Number:
LAND 125 Phase 3C
Australian Army

Project description

This project will deliver the Enhanced F88 rifle, Grenade Launcher Attachment and a suite of surveillance and target ancillaries including an enhanced day sight and thermal and image intensifier sights. 

Thales Australia is the Prime Contractor for the Enhanced F88 rifle and Grenade Launcher Attachment.

A contract for the production of 30,000 Enhanced F88 rifles, 2,277 Grenade Launcher Attachments, repair parts and training aids was signed in July 2015. Deliveries commenced in August 2015 and continue in accordance with the schedule.

Seven standing offer deeds were signed during the period July to November 2015 for the surveillance and target ancillaries with a range of Australian and overseas suppliers. Deliveries commenced in February 2016.

The Tranche 1 delivery of rifles and ancillary devices to North Queensland has been completed and the Tranche 2 deliveries to South Queensland and Northern New South Wales are scheduled for the second half of 2017.

Content is current as at July 2017.


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