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Anzac Ship Anti-Ship Missile Defence

Project Number:
SEA 1448 Phase 2A
Royal Australian Navy

Project description

The Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) upgrade SEA 1448 Phase 2 project will provide the ANZAC Class Frigates with an enhanced level of self defence against modern anti-ship missiles.

There are two sub-phases of SEA 1448 Phase 2. Phase 2A of the ASMD Project, is to upgrade all eight of the ANZAC Class Ship’s existing Combat Management Systems (CMS) and fire control systems, and install an Infra-Red Search and Track (IRST) System which will provide improved detection of low level aircraft and anti-ship missiles when the ship is close to land.

Deliverable Original Planned Achieved / Forecast Notes

Project Year of Commencement

Nov 2003

Initial Materiel Release (IMR)


Jun 2011

Initial Operational Capability (IOC)

Mar 2008

Sep 2014

Variance is directly linked to: the Government decision to investigate phased array radar technologies in lieu of the requirement for the VSRAD system; and, a realisation of technical risks in Phase 2B which required re-engineering effort to redesign the integration of the phased array radar into the ANZAC platform. The previous variance was linked to the updated Materiel Acquisition Agreement (MAA) which moved IOC until after PAR System has been proven against Super Sonic Targets. All IOC documentation has been submitted to Navy and is currently under review by regulators.

Final Materiel Release (FMR)

Jul 2017

Sep 2017

Newly added DMO milestone as part of update to the MAA between Defence and DMO. Note: this variation is due to the approval of ships 2-8 by Government.

Final Operational Capability (FOC)

Dec 2011

Oct 2017

Variance is a result of the ASMD Project Management Stakeholder Group agreeing to link the completion date of this Phase of the Project with that of Phase 2B. Note: this variation is due to the approval of ships 2-8 by Government.

Content is current as at December 2014 and will be updated annually.

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