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An Australian Combat Engineer operates a Light Engineer Tractor (LET) in a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Afghanistan.
Project Number:
LAND 8120
Land and Vehicles

Project description

Project LAND 8120 (L8120) seeks to provide a replacement capability effect for the Australian Defence Force earth moving and material handling equipment (MHE) engineer support platforms.

Platform tasks in Australia and on deployment include construction, demolition, development of protective earthworks, route development and maintenance, airfield and port construction and repair, port operations, supply and distribution, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and beach recovery. 

Platforms include cranes, excavators, front-end loaders, tractors, bulldozers, rollers, graders, skid-steer loaders, tele-handlers, concrete production plants, rock crushers and beach recovery.

Defence is seeking innovative delivery and support options across an entire 'capability effect' package of own, manage and sustain; not just the traditional Defence own and support.  Approaches that will be investigated include traditional Defence ownership and maintenance, long-term lease, short-term hire, contracted fleet management, out-sourced sustainment, or a combination of the preceding, for the complete capability or identified subsets.

A Request for Information (RFI) was released on 31 May 2017, via AusTender, with the two main objectives of:

a.  engaging with a wide range of industry partners to understand the potential procurement and contracting options available

b.  providing the Commonwealth with indicative whole of life affordability information to assist the Investment Committee business case.

The RFI closed 31 July 2017, with 19 responses received from Industry.  The RFI Report was finalised on 24 November 2017. The letter providing a summary of the conclusions drawn from the RFI, sent to all respondents, can be accessed below in Project Documents.

Our current planning moving forward is that a Request for Tender (RFT) may be released sometime during 2019.  However, a number of factors could accelerate or delay this, including decisions through internal committees and Defence and Government priorities. In preparation of the RFT Defence will continue to refine and mature the Project’s capability, acquisition and sustainment options. This work will include further requirements setting, finalisation of the operational concepts and the basis of provisioning. 


Original Planned

Achieved / Forecast


Project Year of Commencement

Mar 2017

Mar 2017


Initial Operational Capability (IOC)




Final Operational Capability (FOC)




For further information or to provide feedback please email project.land8120@defence.gov.au

Project documents

The following documents are released to industry to assist in their understanding of the LAND 8120 requirement and to prepare for any future solicitation activities:

Industry Resources

The following links are provided to industry, particularly Small to Medium Enterprise and Australian suppliers, to improve access to Defence and the broader Defence supply chain:

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