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Rheinmetall Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle
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Land 400

Project description

LAND 400 has four discrete phases:

  • LAND 400 Phase 1 – Project Definition Study (completed).
  • LAND 400 Phase 2 – Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability – acquisition of 211 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle replacement).
  • LAND 400 Phase 3 – Mounted Close Combat Capability – acquisition of up to 450 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (the M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier replacement) and 17 Manoeuvre Support Vehicles.
  • LAND 400 Phase 4 – Capability Assurance Program.

LAND 400 Phase 2 – Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability

Defence has signed contracts with Rheinmetall Defence Australia to deliver and support 211 Boxer 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) for the Australian Army.

This is a significant Army capability that will enhance the safety, security and protection of Australian troops for the next 30 years. The Boxer 8x8 CRV will replace the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle, which has seen extensive operational service since its introduction in 1996.

The CRVs will operate in a range of environments, from regional stability missions through to high-threat operations against adversaries. The high levels of protection, firepower and mobility provided by the vehicles will enable sustained operations, varying from peacekeeping to close combat.

Rheinmetall will base its Australian and New Zealand headquarters as well as its manufacturing hub in South East Queensland and is now establishing contracts with its major Australian sub-contractors.

Some early vehicles will be initially assembled in Germany as a part of technology transfer activities which will familiarise Australian workers and suppliers on manufacturing techniques of these highly complex vehicles. A Resident Project Office has been established in Hamburg, Germany, to support the initial delivery of the capability. These vehicles will be shipped to Australia for final assembly. After this initial phase, vehicles will be fully assembled in Australia.

The Australian workforce involved in the construction of the vehicles will be used to support sustainment, progressive development and upgrades to the Boxer. They will also be used to support potential export opportunities.

The Australian Industry Capability level for this project is over 65 per cent, with an expected $10.2 billion, 30 year investment in Australian industry over the life of the project. LAND 400 Phase 2 is expected to generate approximately 1,450 jobs across Australia during the construction of the vehicles.

The Boxer 8x8 CRV will be equipped with:

  • Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) system – Rafael Spike LR.
  • Remote Weapon System (RWS) – Kongsberg (Block I Vehicles), EOS (Block II).
  • Active Protection System (APS) – TBC, feasibility study underway.First vehicle deliveries are expected in 2020, and final vehicle deliveries in 2026.

First vehicle deliveries are expected in 2020 and final vehicle deliveries in 2026.

LAND 400 Phase 3 – Mounted Close Combat Capability

LAND 400 Phase 3 is scoped to deliver the Mounted Close Combat Capability, including the acquisition of up to 450 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) and a Manoeuvre Support Vehicle capability comprising 17 vehicles.

The IFVs will replace the current M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers. When delivered, the IFV will allow Army to successfully sustain mounted close combat operations against emerging and future threats as part of a joint force.

The LAND 400 Phase 3 Request for Tender was released to industry on 24 August 2018 and closed on 1 March 2019. This represents a significant step in Defence’s efforts to acquire an IFV for the Australian Army.

Defence seeks an IFV with high levels of protection, mobility and lethality, capable of lifting six dismounts in a standard infantry battalion section. A key discriminator will be the tactical manoeuvrability of the IFV. These are to be similar to the Australian M1 Main Battle Tank to enable combined arms manoeuvre, along with operational and strategic mobility on ADF platforms. Defence’s preference is for a tracked vehicle with a manned turret.

Defence is now conducting a three stage evaluation comprising of an initial down-select process to shortlist the most competitive tender(s), a Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA) and final evaluation to select a preferred tenderer. It is expected that a shortlist announcement will be made in Quarter 3 2019. The Stage RMA will be conducted from Q3 2019 to allow Defence to undertake further evaluation and testing of the tendered vehicle solutions and to clarify and refine the tender offers. A decision on the preferred tenderer will be presented to Government for consideration in 2022.

Defence has sought options from industry to reduce lifecycle costs in sub-systems, consumables and training. This includes the integration/use of systems such as the Remote Weapon System, Anti-Tank Guided Missile and a 30mm calibre main cannon with NATO 30x173mm ammunition natures common with LAND 400 Phase 2. Defence will also consider any alternative sub-systems, consumables and training that industry have proposed, where they represent better value for money and provide through-life cost savings. This may include the possibility of retrofitting of the Phase 2 fleet with items from the Phase 3 system as part of planned through life upgrades.

Australian Industry Capability is pivotal to the LAND 400 program. During the RMA, Defence will work with shortlisted tenderers to deliver an optimum Australian Industry Capability under LAND 400 Phase 3. Shortlisted tenderers will be required to participate in an Australian Industry Roadshow, which will allow companies across Australia to showcase potential opportunities to increase the work undertaken by local small and medium enterprises.

Project documents

LAND 400 Phase 3 Request for Tender (RFT) Industry Brief slides - 5 September 2018

LAND 400 Close Combat Storyboard

LAND 400 Phase 3 Indicative Timeline

Mail address

LAND 400 – Land Combat Vehicle System
Armoured Fighting Vehicle Branch  
Armoured Vehicle Division
Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group
Victoria Barracks Melbourne
GPO Box 393

Project contact

Email: LAND400.ContactOfficer@defence.gov.aufor LAND 400 Phase 2 enquiries and LAND400.Phase3@defence.gov.au for LAND 400 Phase 3 enquiries.

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