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Amphibious Watercraft Replacement

Thre Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships
Project Number:
JP 2048 Phase 3
Royal Australian Navy

Project description

The JP 2048 Phase 3 project will provide the Amphibious Deployment and Sustainment (ADAS) capability with a new breed of watercraft that will be organic to the two new Canberra Class Amphibious Assault Ships, Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD), acquired under JP 2048 Phase 4A/4B. The craft will be known as LHD Landing Craft (LLC). The LLC will interface and operate with the LHD ships and will enable transport of personnel and equipment from the LHD ships to the shore, including where there are no fixed port facilities or prepared landing facilities. The LLC have an in-service date of 2014–2016.

Deliverable Original Planned Achieved / Forecast Notes

Project Year of Commencement

Sep 2011

Initial Materiel Release (IMR)

May 2014

Jul 2014

Navy sign off of IMR is pending visibility of Initial Operational Release documentation. This has had a flow on effect to activities on the project critical path, including Initial Operational Capability.

Initial Operational Capability (IOC)

Aug 2014

Sep 2014

As per IMR

Final Materiel Release (FMR)

Feb 2016

Sep 2015

The Navantia production schedule at end June 2014 reports production of the third batch of 4 LLC as presently well ahead of schedule.

Final Operational Capability (FOC)

Feb 2016

Sep 2015

As per FMR

Content is current as at December 2014 and will be updated annually.

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