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Multi Role Helicopter

Multi Role Helicopter
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AIR 9000 Phase 2
Australian Army
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Project description

The Multi-Role Helicopter (MRH) Program is a key component of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Helicopter Strategic Master Plan that seeks to rationalise the number of helicopter types in ADF service. The MRH Program consists of three phases of AIR 9000.

Phase 2 (12 helicopters) is the acquisition of an additional Squadron of troop lift aircraft for the Australian Army, Phase 4 (28 helicopters) will replace Army’s Black Hawk helicopters in the Air Mobile and Special Operations roles, and Phase 6 (6 helicopters) will replace Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Sea King helicopters in the Maritime Support Helicopter role. All three phases are grouped under the AIR 9000 MRH Program.

Deliverable Original Planned Achieved / Forecast Notes

Project Year of Commencement

Aug 2004

Initial Materiel Release (IMR) Navy/Army

Jul 2010

May 2013

The MRH90 program stopped accepting aircraft in November 2010 due to a number of technical and reliability issues. This has impacted the achievement of capability milestones. The Commonwealth recommenced accepting aircraft in November 2011 after negotiating a remediation plan to address a number of engineering and reliability issues; however acceptance of aircraft was again suspended in February 2012 pending resolution of another technical concern related to the aircraft’s cargo hook. In May 2012 the Commonwealth agreed to accept a further four aircraft based on Australian Aerospace's agreement to the commercial terms associated with the rectification of the cargo hook issue. Scheduled aircraft acceptance recommenced in June 2012 with the most recent aircraft (#29) being accepted in June 2014. IMR was declared on 13 May 2013, based on 6 Product Baseline 3 aircraft.

Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Navy
Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Army

Jul 2010
Apr 2011

Sep 2014
Sep 2014

Affected by delays to IMR.
Affected by delays to IMR.

Final Materiel Release (FMR) Navy/Army

Oct 2014 Dec 2017

Dates directly impacted by delay to IMR.

Final Operational Capability (FOC) Navy
Final Operational Capability (FOC) Army

Dec 2014
Jul 2014
Jul 2019

FOC is now only forecast as a single date. The last capability subset is to be realised by Army.
Dates directly impacted by delay to IMR.

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