International engagement and export support

Australia has a world class, technologically sophisticated defence industry sector offering innovative capability solutions to meet international requirements.

Australia has a proud history of designing, manufacturing and adapting world class products to meet demanding military requirements. Australian defence industry sectors cover the aerospace, maritime, land, weapons and electronic systems domains.

Australian industry is flexible, responsive and customer focused. Australia's business environment promotes competition and innovation to derive best value for money solutions.

  • Australian Military Sales

    The primary role of the Australian Military Sales is to support Australian sovereign military capability disposal programs through foreign engagement, export facilitation and disposals activity with foreign government customers.

  • CASG international offices

    Defence has 2 international offices in London, United Kingdom and Washington DC, United States of America.

  • Military disposals

    The Directorate of Military Disposals is responsible for the disposal of major Defence equipment and capability platforms.

  • Materiel export control

    The role of the Directorate of Materiel Export Control is to assist Defence in meeting its obligations to the United States (US) government in the control and access to US defence technology and equipment in the Australian Defence Force inventory.