Letter of Recognised Supply

The Letter of Recognised Supply (LoRS) Program is designed to promote Australian industry capabilities by acknowledging the successful supply of products or services to Defence by an Australian company.

To receive the LoRS a company needs to meet the standards of supply demanded by the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO). Products and services need to be supplied on time, on budget and to specification.

The LoRS will state the:

  • company name
  • specific product or service supplied
  • period of time the supply occurred
  • Defence project, unit or facility supplied
  • Defence capability or outcome supplied.

The LoRS provides companies with evidence of their supply to the ADO, to assist in bidding for new work or marketing their capabilities to non-defence customers.


  1. Complete your online LoRS application form and please ensure you include:
    1. company and contact details
    2. a description of product/service
    3. details of the products/services supplied to the ADO
    4. referee report
    5. agreement to LoRS terms of use.
  1. Upon completion, sign, scan and email the completed form to CDICProgramDelivery@industry.gov.au for assessment and approval.


Your company must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a LoRS:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand company
  • provide capabilities and/or products to the Australian Defence Force
  • have supplied Defence in the last three years
  • have successfully delivered products and services to Defence’s specifications.


The ADO is an identifiable buyer in the local and international defence industry. The organisation has a reputation for applying a strong, equitable, merit based procurement process.

A LoRS will identify you as an Australian or New Zealand company that has successfully won supply contracts with Defence. Your company will be acknowledged as successfully supplying products/services that meet specifications, on time and on budget. The letter will specify the products/services supplied and the period during which the supply occurred.

For more information:

For assistance in completing the LoRS application form or for any queries relating to the letter, email CDICProgramDelivery@industry.gov.au.