Recent reviews

There are a number of reviews which shaped the way Defence does business.

First Principles Review
The Minister for Defence announced the release of the First Principles Review of Defence on Wednesday 1 April 2015. The review was commissioned in August 2014 to ensure that Defence is fit for purpose and is able to deliver against its strategy with the minimum resources necessary.

Coles Review
The study provides an insight into past lessons learnt and solutions provided to ensure the Collins Class fleet of submarines are better sustained and more readily available to be deployed at sea when required.

Rizzo Review
The Review has now concluded and a plan to reform the management and repair practices, which led to the early decommissioning of HMAS Manoora and the extended unavailability of HMAS Kanimbla, has been produced.

Black Review
The Black Review is the first comprehensive review to examine personal and institutional accountability in Defence as a whole.

Mortimer Review
Mr David Mortimer presented his report on Defence Procurement and Sustainment on 18 September 2008. It was tabled in Parliament by the Minister for Defence, the Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, on 23 September 2008.