Land Systems Division

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment

Land Systems Division

Land Systems Division (LSD) is a core element of the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group acquiring and sustaining designated land systems for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The division is responsible to the Service Chiefs and Vice Chief of the Defence Force for delivery of a diverse range of capabilities to support 'raise, train and sustain' requirements and operational deployments. LSD supported systems include: combat support vehicles and systems, field vehicles, commercial vehicles, small arms, direct fire weapons support, surveillance systems, engineering and workshop equipment, deployable health systems, pharmaceuticals, soldier combat and personal equipment, ADF clothing and combat rations. Activities include development, acquisition, fleet management and through-life support of allocated land systems.

The division consists of Integrated Soldier Systems Branch, Land Manoeuvre Systems Branch, Land Vehicle Systems Branch, the Combined Arms Fighting Systems Program, the Land Engineering Agency, the Commodity Reform Program and a corporate headquarters.

Integrated Soldier Systems Branch

This branch comprises four integrated Systems Program Offices (SPOs) responsible for the acquisition, fleet management and through-life support of a range of designated integrated soldier systems, including armaments, ADF clothing, health systems and soldier modernisation, as well as an integrated soldier systems development directorate (also known as Diggerworks).

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Land Manoeuvre Systems Branch

This branch comprises four integrated SPOs, responsible for the acquisition, fleet management and through-life support of land manoeuvre systems, including mounted combat vehicles, combat support vehicles, combat support systems, and general support equipment.

Land Vehicle Systems Branch

This branch is responsible for the acquisition, sustainment and disposal of commercial, general and service vehicles, through an integrated SPO. It also includes the multi-phased project known as LAND 121 (Overlander), a $3 billion major capital equipment project acquiring field vehicles and trailers for the ADF.

Combined Arms Fighting System

This program is responsible for the management of LAND 400 (Land Combat Vehicle System), which will introduce a new capability to the ADF with the provision of a mounted close combat system to enable the Combined Arms Fighting System necessary for Force 2030.

Land Engineering Agency

The Land Engineering Agency (LEA) is structured to provide direct engineering support to LSD SPOs and specialised engineering services from a centralised bureau. LEA supports the SPOs to ensure successful requirements development, acquisition and in-service support of land materiel, offering services in engineering; testing; design and development; and technical data management. Services are provided across the whole of the Defence Capability Life Cycle.

Commodity Reform Program

This program aims to reduce the cost of procuring approximately 70 000 Land related commodities,  as well as the cost of ownership for these commodities across the Defence supply chain. The program is currently seeking a 4th Party Logistics provider to manage the acquisition, storage and distribution of commodities to Defence. This is consistent with the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement and Smart Buyer principles.

Doing Business with LSD
Many industry opportunities will arise in delivering cost effective materiel design, maintenance engineering and logistic support to land platforms, equipment and systems. Those wanting to do business with Defence should contact the
Centre for Defence Business Capability for more information on how to best work with Defence.

Want to work in LSD?

The division’s business outcomes are delivered by a diverse workforce of skilled professionals across a range of fields and disciplines including: project management, contract management, systems engineering, logistics and materiel management. LSD is committed to continued professional development and is an exciting environment with opportunities to interact with some of the latest technology in land systems. For more information visit Why Work for CASG?


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