Joint Systems Division

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment

Joint Systems Division

Joint Systems Division (JSD) is responsible for acquiring, in many cases integrating and then supporting communications systems, command and control systems, deployable network systems, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare systems, satellites and wide area surveillance systems and guided weapons and munitions.

JSD is responsible to the Service Chiefs, the Vice Chief of the Defence Force, Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence and the Chief Information Officer for delivery of acquisition and sustainment outcomes.

JSD manages over 100 major projects and 29 product schedules across the Defence portfolio.

JSD is divided into the following branches:

Critical Systems

This branch is responsible for acquiring and sustaining information technology systems in support of Command and Control, Intelligence and Military Geospatial capabilities. The branch also provides all Defence’s deployed information technology.

Communication Systems

This branch is responsible for acquiring and sustaining communications systems in support of Australia’s strategic radio communications networks and tactical communications in the maritime and land battlespace environments. The branch also acquires cryptographic equipment for the whole of government and coordinates Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group's (CASG) use of the radio frequency spectrum.

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Electronic Warfare

This branch is responsible for acquiring and sustaining electronic warfare and signals intelligence systems in both tactical and strategic domains. The branch uses the latest technological and market information to engineer electronic warfare solutions for Defence.

Air and Space Surveillance Control

This branch is responsible for the acquisition, introduction into service and whole of life logistics support for Defence systems related to wide area surveillance, ground based elements of Air Defence Systems, air traffic control services and related air-ground-air communications and ground positioning systems.

Explosive Materiel

This branch is responsible for acquiring and sustaining Defence’s guided weapons and munitions. It manages strategic contracts for guided weapons and munitions supply, together with the supply of domestically manufactured munitions through Defence owned facilities at Mulwala in New South Wales and Benalla in Victoria.

Doing Business with JSD

As JSD continues to work with the rest of CASG and Defence to deliver required electronic systems support to the Australian Defence Force, many industry opportunities will arise. Contact your nearest Business Access Office for more information on how to work with Defence.

Want to work in this space?

JSD offers systems, electrical and explosive ordnance engineers the opportunity to work with complex systems and their associated hardware. JSD focuses on defence-related surveillance systems, electronic warfare systems, command and control systems, complex communications systems, deployable network solutions, guided weapons and munitions.

Current Division Projects