Commercial Division

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment

Commercial Division

The Commercial Division assists Defence to manage commercial risk across the capability and procurement life cycle to help Defence meet its objectives, maximize value for money and meet legislative and mandatory requirements.  It provides the following services:

  • procurement; 
  • contracting;
  • commercial expertise and support;
  • commercial policy and practice; 
  • commercial professionalization; and
  • commercial governance and assurance.

Commercial Division is part of the CASG’s Business Management Domain, and consists of the following branches:

  • Materiel Procurement Branch (MPB)
    MPB delivers a wide range of contracting services to CASG, and policy and professionalisation services to the wider Defence community. MPB team is able to assist in complex procurement or contracting activity with advice, guidance and support. MPB will assist in ensuring that procurement and contracting activities comply with the legislative and mandatory policy requirements.
  • Non Materiel Procurement Branch (NMPB)
    NMPB can provide procurement and contracting services to all Defence Groups and the Services for requirements that are determined as non-materiel. In supporting Defence's mission and organisational performance, NMPB can deliver procurement and commercial services across the procurement lifecycle to Defence Groups and Services, to enable procurement of non-materiel products and services.
  • Supplier Analysis & Engagement Branch (SA&EB)
    The role of the SA&EB is to enable CASG to make better business decisions by delivering timely and accurate supplier information, insight and management. By doing this the branch supports both SPO within the domains and the CASG executive, including the other Centres of Expertise (CoEs) by providing information, insight and management to assist them in making decisions regarding their suppliers.