Business Management

The Business Management Group monitors Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group's (CASG) internal benchmarks as well as facilitating disposals and export-related activities, including government-to-government sales, in support of the Australian defence industry. It includes group governance, business risk management, finance, work health and safety, security, workforce planning and the provision of high quality business services to the broader group.


  • Commercial Division

    The Commercial Division assists Defence to manage commercial risk across the capability and procurement life cycle to help Defence meet its objectives, maximize value for money and meet legislative and mandatory requirements. It provides the following services: procurement, contracting, commercial expertise and support, commercial policy and practice, commercial professionalisation and commercial governance and assurance.

  • Program Performance Division

    Program Performance Division provides corporate and enabling services and governance across CASG. These include information management; audit management; CASG planning; reporting; strategic human resources; risk management; media and government communications management; work health and safety and staff support; the Australian Military Sales Office; and materiel asset disposals.