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Portfolio Budget Statements 2006-07

How to read the Portfolio Budget Statements

The Portfolio Budget Statements are presented in three sections, aligned in several ways to the Budget Papers, as outlined below.

User guide

[User Guide PDF - 635 KB]

Section One: Defence

Chapter One — Overview

An overview of Defence's strategic objectives and environment, force structure and Defence's organisational structure.

[S1 Ch 1 PDF - 421 KB]

Chapter Two — Resourcing

Defence's financial outlook for 2006-07, including a budget summary and measures, and Defence's purchaser-provider arrangements.

[S1 Ch 2 PDF - 368 KB]

Chapter Three — Capital Investment Program

A summary of Defence's capital budget, including projects to be considered in 2006-07, medium and major capital facilities projects, other capital purchases and capital receipts.

[S1 Ch3 PDF - 177 KB]

Chapter Four — People

This chapter provides a summary of personnel initiatives for 2006-07 and a summary of Defence's workforce.

[S1 Ch4 PDF - 261 KB]

Chapter Five — Planned Outcome Performance

A brief overview of Defence's outcomes and outputs for 2006-07. It details the estimated cost of Defence's outputs and outcomes and describes each outcome and output including planned performance targets.

[S1 Ch5 PDF - 485 KB]

Chapter Six — Management Reforms and Efficiencies

Information on the implementation of internal business processes in 2006-07, designed to ensure sustainable delivery of outcomes.

[S1 Ch6 PDF - 182 KB]

Chapter Seven — Budgeted Financial Statements

Defence's budgeted financial statements, in accrual format, covering 2006-07, the current year and three out-years.

[S1 Ch7 PDF - 180 KB]

Section Two: Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)

[S2 DMO PDF - 376 KB]

Chapter One — DMO Overview

An overview of the organisation, including the challenges and opportunities facing the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) and the organisational structure.

Chapter Two — DMO Resourcing

The DMO's financial outlook for 2006-07, including DMO's Purchaser-Provider Arrangements.

Chapter Three — DMO Planned Outcome Performance

An overview of the DMO's outcome and outputs, including the Top 30 Projects.

Chapter Four — DMO Governance and Materiel Reform

This chapter contains a summary of the DMO's governance activities and reform initiatives.

Chapter Five — DMO People

This chapter provides a summary of personnel initiatives for 2006-07 and a summary of the DMO's workforce.

Chapter Six — DMO Budgeted Financial Statements

The DMO's budgeted financial statements, in accrual format, covering 2006-07 and three out-years.

Section Three: Defence Housing Authority

[S3 DHA PDF - 111 KB]

An overview of the Authority, including performance forecasts for 2006-07, the Authority's outcome and output, and its 2006-07 budgeted financial statements.


[Appendices PDF - 115 KB]

A list of tables and charts, a glossary, acronyms and abbreviations, and an alphabetical index.

Entire PBS document

[PBS PDF - 2.4 MB]

Styles and conventions used

Figures in tables and in the text may be rounded. Discrepancies in tables between totals and sums of components are due to rounding. Negative figures are presented in two ways in this document - by bracketed figures in the financial statements, and by a minus sign elsewhere in the document.