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Defence is preparing new Australian Noise Exposure Forecasts for the following bases:

Defence bases, air weapons ranges and low flying training areas play a significant role in the Defence strategy for Australia and are essential for maintaining Defence's high training standards and operational capability.

Aircraft Noise Management Strategy. This strategy will ensure that Air Force has a national approach, consistent across all our bases, with clearly defined responsibilities.

While aircraft noise will never be eliminated, Defence pilots and crews operate the aircraft in ways that minimise aircraft noise. Defence has an honest and open approach about the noise experienced by residents living near our bases and training areas, and we are working with communities to reduce noise impacts whilst balancing operational and training requirements.

Defence Flying and Training

No one can predict when or where Defence will need to respond, so our pilots and crews need experience in a range of environments. This includes day and night flying, high and low altitude flying and bombing and gunnery practice. Although some training is conducted using flying simulators, nothing replaces actual experience for our pilots and crews. Army, Navy and Air Force aviation have played an essential role in Operation Queensland Flood Assist, Operation Yasi Assist, Operation Christchurch Assist, Operation Pacific Assist, and the 2013 Queensland Floods.

Air Force reduces the effects of noise from military aircraft operations as much as possible. We can do this by limiting the speed of aircraft in populated areas; avoiding the use of after burner when safe to do so; minimising flying over residential areas and other noise sensitive buildings such as hospitals and schools; climbing to altitude as quickly as possible when departing; and minimising flying late at night or early in the morning.


Noise Monitoring

Defence monitors noise via the same computer-based Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System (NFPMS) used at civil airports in Australia and around the world. Defence has conducted noise assessments at some childcare centres on RAAF Bases

New RAAF Base Darwin and Robertson Barracks Australian Noise Exposure Forecast.

The Department of Defence and Airservices Australia endorsed the 2042 Australian Noise Exposure Forecast on 19 October 2016. Information about the new map and aircraft noise in Darwin can be found here.