Language & Culture

Language & Culture

Language and Cultural training builds the skills and confidence of learners in a target language and culture. Through the use of interactive virtual environments students are presented with scenarios that require them to respond appropriately.

ADC Simulation Products Supporting Language & Cultural Training

VBS3 provides an immersive 3D world for individual training. It contains a large library of human characters and accurately modelled military equipment. The included SQF scripting language can be used to trigger and control events and present the student with dialogues and menus. Scripting also enables the lip-synching of player characters with pre-recorded sound files; allowing menu driven speech in a foreign language. The simulation can be paused to allow time for discussion of teaching points.
Future options for extensions to VBS include add-ons such as Alelo's VRP® MIL and Discovery Machines behaviour modelling suite. (see videos)

  • Virtual Battle Space screen capture
  • Virtual Battle Space screen capture
  • Virtual Battle Space screen capture

Faceshift is software that maps the facial expressions of a role player to a computer generated avatar in real time. This allows a Subject Matter Expert to role play a variety of characters. The software can be used to generate video content or support real-time role play. Through our Avatar Augmented Role Play project the ADC Simulation Centre is working to bring live role play into virtual environments.

  • Face shift screen capture

Alelo's Tactical Interaction (TI) Simulator provides a 3D virtual world simulation to instruct and assess language and culture skills. Learning scenarios are set in a virtual environment where common interactions are played at progressive levels from cooperation to hostility. Students can select from a list of phrases in order to hear correct pronunciation or practice speaking and get immediate feedback through the responses of the virtual characters.

  • Alelo Tetum Tactical Interaction screen capture
  • Alelo Tetum Tactical Interaction screen capture


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  • T.I. Simulator Tetum Demonstration
    T.I. Simulator Tetum Demonstration"
  • SpatialEase Learning Language Through Body Motion
    SpatialEase Learning Language Through Body Motion
  • Discovery Machine-Authoring Patterns Of Life for VBS3
    Discovery Machine-Authoring Patterns Of Life for VBS3
  • Faceshift
  • VRP® MIL (demonstration scenario)
    VRP® MIL (demonstration scenario)
  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations I/ITSEC 2014 Booth Video
    Bohemia Interactive Simulations I/ITSEC

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