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The Publications

The Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies (CDSS) is pleased to announce that its most recent publications, the Shedden Papers and the Strategic Management Series, are now available.

These papers are written by CDSS Course Members as part of their coursework. They demonstrate the high level of analysis and quality research that is encouraged at the CDSS. These published papers represent an excellent array of contemporary thought by the emerging generation of Australian and overseas military professionals.

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The publications stable at the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies currently comprises the Shedden Papers and the Strategic Management Series.

The Shedden Papers have been published by the Australian Defence College since 2003. In 2008, these papers became available online.

The published papers are selected from highly-graded essays. They can be from: the first or second written assignment which is a 2,000 essay; the Strategic Assessment Paper which is a 5,000 or 10,000 word essay; or the Security Policy Paper which is a 5,000 or 10,000 word essay. These written papers are a central component of the Course, and they allow Course Members to explore and assess security, strategic and defence-related issues that they find of personal and professional interest.

The Strategic Management Series is a new series initiated in 2008. These papers reflect upon Block 4 of the Defence and Strategic Studies Course. In these papers, Course Members take account of what they have learned from their study tour and presentations from the corporate sector, and produce a Defence Essay that makes management recommendations for their home, or chosen, organisation.

The papers that are chosen for publication are those which are considered to be of exceptional quality, displaying world-class research and analytical skills and excellent writing skills. The timeliness or uniqueness of the topic is also considered when assessing papers for publication.

The purpose of the CDSS publications stable is to showcase the scholarly written communication skills of the CDSS Course Members, staff and associates. In line with the CDSS Mission Statement they demonstrate 'a deep understanding of global, regional and national issues of defence and strategic importance'.

Course Members, staff and Visiting Fellows have also had papers published externally including in Security Challenges and the Australian Defence Force Journal and with the Air Power Development Centre.