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Australian Defence Force Journal

Image of the Australian Defence Force Tri-Services Emblem

Australian Defence Force Journal

The Australian Defence Force Journal is the official journal of the Australian profession of arms. It aims to promote discussion, stimulate thinking, and create debate on the critical issues facing our modern military organisation. It is an avenue for practitioners and commentators within, and those engaged with, our profession of arms to contribute and participate in professional debate.

Australian Defence Force Journal Issues


Issue 204 – March 2018

Issue 203 – January 2018


Issue 202 – July/August 2017

Issue 201 - May/June 2017


Issue 200 - November/December 2016


Issue 198 – November/December 2015

Issue 197 – July/August 2015

Issue 196 – March/April 2015



The papers included are the sole opinion of the individual authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Australian Defence Force or the Department of Defence. The Commonwealth of Australia will not be legally responsible in contract, tort or otherwise, for any statement made in this publication.