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Vice Chief of the
Defence Force Group

Faith Under Fire

Faith Under Fire

Faith Under Fire

Faith in a modern Defence Force - There is evidence from current operational experience and our allies, that similar to mental, emotional and physical health, our spiritual fitness should not be ignored. What we believe (even for those who profess atheism) has a significant bearing on our worldview, character, morals, ethics and values, and is highly relevant to those serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Faith Under Fire is a DVD-based course that provides an opportunity to investigate spiritual fitness and its relevance to ADF personnel, regardless of rank, belief or religious persuasion.

Faith Under Fire complements the idea that Defence seeks to comprehensively care for each person as a whole. The course emphasises the importance of an individual's beliefs and the influence this has on character and the capacity to cope with challenges unique to the military environment. Defence service can be a time when people consider who they are, what they believe and stand for. Combat raises important questions about the use of force, self-sacrifice and the threat of death and injury. These issues are of a spiritual concern, relevant to all Service men and women.

The Chief of Defence Force, General David Hurley AC, DSC, launched Faith Under Fire in July 2011. Since then, there has been considerable interest in the course from within Defence, our allied forces and the general public.

Although Faith Under Fire focuses on a Christian model of spiritual fitness, the influence of other religions and beliefs on our society is also acknowledged by Defence.