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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group was established on 8 February 2016 as a key recommendation of the First Principles Review. SP&I Group brings together Defence's policy, intelligence and contestability functions to deliver high-quality advice to the Australian Government, the Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force.

SP&I Group is led by Ms Rebecca Skinner, Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence, and is comprised of four divisions, a taskforce and three intelligence agencies within the Australian Government Department of Defence.

Contestability Division

Contestability Division was established in February 2016 to provide an arms-length internal contestability function across the entire capability life-cycle, from concept through to disposal, and ensure the capability needs and requirements of Defence are aligned with strategy and resources.

Defence Industry Policy Division

Defence Industry Policy Division was established in December 2015 to inform and improve how Defence approaches industry engagement. The division has responsibility for effective implementation of the government's approach to defence industry policy and creation of a strategy-led program of industry engagement and innovation. The division also manages Australian export controls.

International Policy Division

International Policy Division provides strategic-level policy advice to the Australian Government on the central issues of Australia's defence policy, including international defence relations and ADF operations.

Naval Shipbuilding Taskforce

The Naval Shipbuilding Taskforce was added to the group in July 2016 to facilitate government shipbuilding commitments.

Strategic Policy Division

Strategic Policy Division develops policy, military strategy and strategic planning and advice for the Australian Government, senior Defence leaders and other government agencies on the strategic implications of defence and national security matters.

Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation provides geospatial intelligence in support of an increasing range of national security interests and Defence requirements. AGO provides a powerful intelligence capability that supports ADF operations, whole-of-government security activities and directly assists Commonwealth and state bodies to respond to crises and national disasters.

Australian Signals Directorate

Australian Signal Directorate is the national agency responsible for the collection and analysis of foreign signals intelligence, and the provision of cyber security advice and assistance, mainly to Australian Government agencies. ASD also works closely with industry to develop and deploy secure cryptographic products.

Defence Intelligence Organisation

Defence Intelligence Organisation analyses information on global events from a range of sources. It produces timely and accurate intelligence assessments to assist the awareness and decision-making of the Minister for Defence and senior officers in Defence.