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Welcome to Defence Honours & Awards.

We provide medallic recognition to current serving and discharged Australian Defence Force personnel and Defence civilians. Awards are issued from the Australian and Imperial honours and awards systems from World War One to current day. We develop Defence honours and awards policy and provide advice to Government on honours and awards issues.

Australian Operational Service Medal

The medal provides recognition to Defence personnel involved in declared operations or other service that the Chief of the Defence Force deems to be worthy of recognition

Australian Operational Service Medal

1939-45 Star with Clasp

The 1939-45 Star is awarded to those who undertook operational service during World War II

1939-45 Star with Clasp BOMBER COMMAND

Arctic Star

The Arctic Star is awarded to those who served in areas above the Arctic Circle during World War II

Arctic Star


A timeframe for the Australian Operational Service Medal – Border Protection cannot be given as the process is dependant on information supplied by each Service.

Did you know?

Each year, DH&A:

  • process 15,000 applications,
  • dispatch 35,000 medals,
  • receive 25,000 phone calls, and
  • receive 400 Ministerial correspondence