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PFAS Investigation &
Management Program

RAAF Base Williamtown

RAAF Base Williamtown PFAS Investigation

Summary of the Investigation

RAAF Base Williamtown
In October 2018, Defence completed the detailed environmental investigation into per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on, and in the vicinity of, RAAF Base Williamtown.

All findings from the investigation are available on the publications page including detailed reports and factsheets.

Defence is now focusing on management and remediation of PFAS contamination within the Management Area.

The outcomes of the investigation have been used to develop a PFAS Management Area Plan that outlines the best management and remediation solutions for the unique circumstances at Williamtown.

Further information is available on the management activities page.

With the conclusion of the investigation, Defence remains committed to working with the community, and to continue being actively involved in the remediation and management of PFAS in Williamtown.

Management Area

The Williamtown Expert Panel, led by the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Professor Mary O’Kane AC, has made some changes to the Williamtown precautionary advice and the investigation area. This follows a review of the Defence’s final Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) report.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has established a Management Area which comprises of three zones. The Management Area and Investigation Area do not overlap compeltely. The Management Area is smaller in some areas and larger in other areas including Fullerton Cove and additional streets in Salt Ash.

The Australian Government will extend its voluntary blood testing program, epidemiological study and mental health and counselling services to the expanded management area.

Further information on the expanded management area is available at the NSW EPA website.

Further information on blood testing, the epidemiological study and mental health and councelling services is available at the Department of Health website.