Previously reported projects

Some projects dropped below the top 30 in 2008-09. Details are available on the internet version of this volume at

New projects

During 2008-09, seven new acquisition projects were transferred to the DMO following Government approval. These are shown in Table 5.4. The DMO classifies a project as having been transferred on the signing of MAA between the DMO and Defence.

Closed projects

Twenty-three projects were closed in 2008-09. All Project MAA deliverables have been delivered and accepted with no outstanding issues and consequently closed. The total reduction of project approval at closure represented 7.9 per cent of the total available budget for these projects.

Table 5.4 New projects transferred to the DMO in 2008-09[1]
Project name Project
Project Information
Electronic Systems Division
Joint Counter Improvised
Explosive Device
JP 154 Phase 1 0.2 0.1 Phase 1 involves a technical refresh and enhancement of all force protection electronic counter measures currently deployed in support of operations, by 2012. Phase 1 also encompasses the acquisition of elements of the support system such as training, software support and facilities necessary to establish an effective capability.
Ultra High Frequency Satellite Communication JP 2008 Phase 5A 4.0 38.6 Phase 5A involves the procurement of a hosted Ultra High Frequency Satellite Communications payload on the Intelsat Satellite - 22 commercial satellite and provision of associated network control system upgrades.
Tactical Information Exchange Domain JP 2089 Phase 2A 5.1 2.6 Phase 2A involves modifying the Anzac class frigate Fleet and Mark 3E Combat system to implement tactical data links, comprising Link 16 and variable message format. Phase 2A is also acquiring initial common support infrastructure to tactical data link network management and additional engineering support to the ADF.
Helicopter Systems Division
Seahawk Capability Assurance Program 2 (SCAP2) AIR 9000 SCAP2 1.0 0.1 SCAP 2 is to address Seahawk obsolescence beyond the scope of SCAP 1 until the aircraft’s planned withdrawal from service. SCAP 2 primarily addresses replacement of the Seahawk’s main mission computer, the display generator unit.
General Manager Programs
Amphibious Watercraft Replacement JP 2048
Phase 3
1.7 0.1 JP 2048 Phase 3 will provide watercraft that will be organic to the two new CANBERRA Class Amphibious Assault Ships (LHD) acquired under JP 2048 Phase 4A/B.
Future Submarines SEA 1000 3.5 2.0 SEA 1000 will produce a replacement for the Collins class submarines as they are withdrawn from service from approximately 2025. Preliminary studies are being conducted to inform a submission, including a broad schedule, to Government by the end of 2009.


  1. One classified project was transferred to the DMO during 2008-09 and is not included in this table due to its classified nature.
Table 5.5 The 23 projects closed in 2008-09
Project Name Project

Reduction of
project approval
at time of Closure
F/A-18 Hornet Upgrade AIR 5376
Phase 1
284.5 5.7
Australian Military Airspace Communications and Control System AIR 5397 54.2 0.5
C130H EWSP System Upgrade AIR 5401
Phase 3A
31.9 0.1
New Air Combat Capability Definition Analysis and Risk Mitigation AIR 6000
Phase 1A
36.3 1.1
Trial the Potential of UnManned Aerial Systems to Contribute to Surveillance of the Northwest Shelf AIR 7000
Phase 1
8.8 3.2
Galant DEF 444
Phase 1
82 6.1
Airborne Surveillance For Land Operations Demonstrator JP 129
Phase 1
28 1.5
MILSATCOM Theatre Broadcast System Capability and Technology Demonstrator JP 2008
Phase 3C
27.8 2
ADF Capability JP 2042
Phase 3
18.9 2.8
Space Based Surveillance Capability (Eagle Eye) JP 2044
Phase 2A
8 0
Muliti Level Information Security System - Starlight JP 2049
Phase 1
15 0.3
Global Hawk UAV Collaboration JP 2062
Phase 1
20.4 0.1
Automated Identification Technologies JP 2077
Phase 2C
21.5 2.9
Solid State Microwave Power Amplifier for Electronic Warfare Application Concept Technology Demonstrator JP 2082
Phase 1
0.1 0.1
Joint Combined Training Centre JP 2098 13.1 4.9
Decentralised Data Fusion Concept Technology Demonstrator JP 2101
Phase 1
1.9 0.6
Global Positioning System NAVSTAR JP 5195
Phase 2
25.9 11.2
Night Fighting Equipment LAND 53
Phase 1B
167.4 11.3
Fixed Modular Bridging LAND 139
Phase 1
12 7.2
Perimeter Surveillance Equipment Capability and Technology Demonstrator LAND 150
Phase 1 CTD
2 0.2
Interim Anti-Submarine Warfare Capability SEA 1242
Phase 2
34.8 2.1
Mine Warfare Command Support System SEA 1297
Phase 2B
51.4 0.3
Digital Hydrographic Database SEA 1430
Phase 1
39.2 0
Total 985 64

Minor capital investment projects

Minor capital investment projects are undertaken to address emerging requirements-often to enhance or replace existing capability. They are funded from outside the DCP and are usually of relatively low value. There are currently about 140 such projects, with an average value of around $7.9m. A total of $97.6m was expended on minor capital investment projects during 2008-09, compared to $97.0m in 2007-08.

Table 5.6 Top five minor projects 2008-09
expenditure to
30 June 2008

Explanation for significant
variation on expenditure
speed data services
for RAN and other
ADF units
NMP 1840 19.780 5.736 6.842 3.948 4.076 0.128 Navy Minor Program reduced project funding during the financial year.
Field refrigeration storage and distribution AMP081.03 21.099 1.227 6.382 0.541 0.141 -0.400 Delay in achieving contract signature and a significant extension to the required testing duration resulted in reprogramming of funds associated with equipment delivery to 2010-11. Delay in achieving final build state also caused movement of document deliverables payments into 2009-10.
Black Hawk VHF/UHF AMP015.44 18.348 2.247 6.008 9.750 9.562 -0.188 The variation is due to installation costs slipping to 2009-10.
Tactical data management capability AMP036.02 18.152 3.124 4.457 5.644 5.853 0.209 As a result of lessons learned through the incremental development of the Technical Data Management System (TDMS) in Clothing Systems Program Office, Technical Data Centre and LAND 121 Overlander Program an opportunity arose to bring forward the final tranche of work prior to implementing TDMS to all land materiel users. This work consists of publishing all the technical data to an updated web site, development of a data exchange specification for inclusion in ASDEFCON contracts, development of fleet equipment trees and migrating all known electronic technical data into TDMS.
Joint electronic fuels management JMP06007 19.071 2.505 5.324 4.269 2.889 -1.380 The project underachieved in 2008-09 due to slippage of the pilot acceptance milestone and four other dependent milestones. Introduction into service is now scheduled for March 2010.
Total top five minor projects   96 15 29 24 23 -2