Figure 3.2 Organisational structure

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* Stars refer to ADF Star rank or SES Band levels.

(1) Statutory appointment.

(2) Reports directly to the Minister for Defence in accordance with Section 196A of the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982.

(3) The Inspector-General ADF is directly responsible to the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF).

(4) The Inspector-General reports directly to the Secretary and CDF.

(5) Chief Audit Executive reports directly to the Secretary and CDF.

(6) Section 9(3) of the Defence Act 1903 requires the Service Chiefs to advise the Minister on matters relating to their command.

(7) Under the agreed business model for DMO as a prescribed agency, the CEO DMO Ministerial Directive identifies that the CEO DMO is directly accountable to the Minister for DMO’s performance but remains accountable to the Secretary and CDF.