Approved projects under private financing arrangements

Eden-Monaro-Headquarters Joint Operations Command

The Headquarters Joint Operations Command Project amalgamated Joint Operations staff located in Canberra and Sydney into an integrated staff structure at the General John Baker Complex headquarters facility constructed approximately 11 kilometres south-west of Bungendore, New South Wales. The building infrastructure for the Headquarters Joint Operations Command Project was handed over to Defence on 9 July 2008.

Single Living Environment and Accommodation Precinct (Single LEAP) Phase 1

In the 2004-05 Budget, the Government announced funding of $113.2m over the following four financial years, and a commitment of ongoing funding thereafter, to remediate the worst of the permanent single members’ living-in accommodation around Australia, potentially through public private partnership (PPP) arrangements.

In December 2006, Defence and Plenary Living (LEAP 1) Pty Ltd entered into a PPP contract for delivery of 1,395 accommodation units at RAAF Base Amberley, near Ipswich, Queensland (295 units); Holsworthy Barracks in Liverpool, New South Wales (600 units); and Gallipoli Barracks in Enoggera, Queensland (500 units). The PPP agreement provided that Plenary would fund, design and construct facilities at the three sites and thereafter, provide accommodation services and facilities maintenance for a period of 30 years. Construction activities were completed on the third and final facility in January 2009, approximately 3.5 months ahead of schedule. Each facility generally runs at or near full occupancy.

Approved projects being developed for private financing arrangements

Project Single Living Environment and Accommodation Precinct (Single LEAP)
Phase 2

Project Single LEAP Phase 2 represents an extension to the Phase 1 requirements for permanent Living-in-Accommodation to meet Defence’s previously identified priorities. Project Single LEAP Phase 2 is expected to provide contemporary units and associated facilities and services at further ADF bases across Australia. The project has been affected by delays in procurement, arising generally as a result of the global financial crisis. Procurement action is continuing and Defence expects to put a recommendation to the Government in 2009-10.

Other major capital facilities projects foreshadowed for 2008-09

Defence Site Platypus Contamination Remediation

The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, the Hon Peter Garrett AM MP, formally gazetted the transfer of the former HMAS Platypus site in Neutral Bay, Sydney, New South Wales, to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (Trust) in June 2009. A Memorandum of Understanding that sets out the arrangements for the vesting of the site to the Trust and the rights and obligations of the Trust and Defence in relation to the land has also been executed. The Australian Government, through Defence, will provide for the contamination remediation of the site and $20m was transferred to the Trust in 2008-09 as the first tranche of funding for the cost of remediation.

Approved medium capital facilities projects

Table A4.4 shows spending in 2008-09 for medium facilities projects. Medium facilities projects are those expected to cost between $250,000 and $15m.

Table A4.4 Approved medium capital facilities by state and federal electorate
to 30 June 2009
New South Wales
Kingsford Smith
Disposal and Rationalisation –Interim Works 15,650 12,316 2,640 7,760 6,337
Defence Establishment: Orchard Hills
Follow-on Stand-off Weapon Facilities[1] 6,125 2,835 2,783 2,750 2,802
Standard missile test facility modifications[2] 1,960 1,024 1,024
Office Accommodation and Entry Redevelopment 2,020 202 1,800 202
HMAS Watson
Bridge simulator building upgrade[2] 1,700
Total New South Wales 27,455 16,377 5,423 12,310 10,365
HMAS Cerberus
West Head Gunnery Range 13,395 7,578 12,000 7,500 7,464
Army Logistics Training Corp – Supply Training Wing Upgrade 9,157 2,653 3,000 2,653
Melbourne Ports
DSTO Environmental Test Chamber 3,500 828 3,000 1,000 766
Land Engineering Agency Perimeter Security Fence Upgrade[2] 2,500 423 - - 423
Total Victoria 28,552 11,482 15,000 11,500 11,306
RAAF Base Amberley Contaminated Land Remediation 5,590 3,780 1,100 170 -
Enhanced Land Force Stage 1 Works – Living in Accommodation[2] 10,400 8,817 - - 8,817
8/9th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Interim Working Accommodation 2,700 2,278 - 2,700 2,278
9th Battalion Royal Queensland Regiment Interim Working Accommodation 4,323 2,738 - 4,323 2,738
Western Street Depot Redevelopment 11,700 11,048 7,000 9,870 9,965
Washramp[2] 1,106 837 - - 837
Shoalwater Bay Training Area
Urban Operation Training Facility Enhancement[2] 1,353 1,121 - - 1,121
Weapons Training Simulator System 2,000 1,809 700 730 829
Mount Stuart Training Area
Explosive Ordnance Roads Upgrade 1,159 1,070 - 1,000 1,070
Townsville Field Training Area Urban Operations Training Facility 4,462 1,900 - 4,260 1,900
Lavarack Barracks
Joint Theatre Distribution Systems Facilities[3] 13,300 4,301 - 3,400 4,301
Combat Training Centre - Interim Working Accommodation 4,000 2,063 - 4,000 2,063
Macrossan Depot
Joint Theatre Distribution Systems Facilities[3] - 5,310 - 3,300 5,310
Total Queensland 62,093 47,072 8,800 33,753 41,229
South Australia
Warradale Barracks
Weapons Training Simulator System 2,300[4] 1,655 - 1,995 1,655
Edinburgh Defence Precinct Minor Facilities[2] 4,409 12 - - 12
RAAF Base Edinburgh
Electronic Warfare Test and Evaluation Pod Support Facility[2] 1,300 63 - - 63
Port Wakefield
Explosives Storehouse Replacement 13,250 8,361 10,000 8,000 8,343
Defence Science and Technology Organisation: Edinburgh
Countermine Facility Refurbishment 2,550 2,300 2,400 2,000 2,280
Weapons Systems Division Refurbishment 1,350 1,229 1,200 1,100 1,218
Combat Missions Systems Research Centre Extension 1,950 1,699 1,800 1,700 1,689
Over The Horizon Radar System Program Office Additional Working Accommodation 4,000 3,709 3,850 3,500 3,661
Total South Australia 31,109 19,028 19,250 18,295 18,921
Western Australia
ANZAC System Program Office - Office Refurbishment 3,450[4] 3,438 3,220 3,144 3,362
Garden Island
Navy Personnel and Training Centre (West) and School of Survivability and Ship Safety (West) 4,470 2,354 3,850 2,000 2,176
Campbell Barracks
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Facility[2] 9,723 99 - - 99
Project REDFIN Interim Hangar Facility[2] 2,000 118 - - 118
Irwin Barracks
Western Australia University Regiment Relocation 807 519 - 800 519
Bindoon Training Range: Access Control Facility 2,730 259 2,255 400 259
Total Western Australia 23,180 6,787 9,325 6,344 6,533
Fort Direction
Explosive Storage Upgrade[2] 6,400 207 - - 207
Total Tasmania 6,400 207 - - 207
Nothern Territory
Timber Creek
Bradshaw Field Training Area Instrumented Air Weapons Range[2] 4,400 3,640 - - 3,640
RAAF Base Tindal
Follow-on Stand-off Weapon Facilities[1] - 2,970 2,614 2,950 2,970
Naval Fuel Installation Rectification 7,200[4] 321 6,060 2,340 321
RAAF Base Darwin
Special Operations Forward Mounting Facility 5,585 733 5,070 5,070 532
Total Northern Territory 17,185 7,664 13,744 10,360 7,463
Australian Capital Territory
Majura Field Training Area
Camp Blake Kitchen Redevelopment[2] 3,500 59 - - 59
Total Australian Capital Territory 3,500 59 - - 59
Total 199,474 108,676 71,542 92,562 96,083


  1. Follow-on Stand-off Weapon Facilities has an approved budget of $6.125m covering two locations: Defence Establishment Orchard Hills and RAAF Base Tindal.
  2. Project approved after publication of the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2008-09.
  3. Joint Theatre Distribution Systems Facilities has an approved budget of $13.3m covering two locations, Lavarack Barracks and Macrossan Depot.
  4. Budget increase approved after publication of the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2008-09.

Medium capital projects proposed for consideration in 2008–09.

Table A4.5 shows details on the progress of new (proposed) medium capital facilities projects foreshadowed in 2008–09.

Table A4.5 Status of proposed medium capital projects for consideration in 2008-09 by state, federal electorate and locality
Locality Status as at
30 June 2009
New South Wales
Lindsay Orchard Hills: Office Accommodation and Entry Redevelopment Approved
Orchard Hills: Modification of Standard Missile Test Facility Approved
Hughes Liverpool Military Area: High Voltage Reticulation System Upgrade Now a major project
Hunter Singleton: School of Infantry: Urban Operations Training Facility In development
Wentworth HMAS Watson: Bridge Simulator Approved
Indi Bandiana: Supply Wing Army Logistics Training Centre Upgrade Approved
McEwen Land Engineering Agency: Proving Ground Perimeter Security Approved
Gippsland RAAF Base East Sale: School of Air Traffic – Tower Visual Simulator Facility Extension In development
Capricornia Shoalwater Bay Training Area: Camp Growl Stage 2 In development
Field Firing Target System In development
3 Phase Power Supply In development
Flynn Over the Horizon Radar: 3 Phase Power Supply Cancelled by Sponsor
Groom Oakey Fuel Farm upgrade In development
Herbert Lavarack Barracks: Stockpile Remediation Withdrawn: incorporated into major capital facilities project
Mount Stuart Training Area: Explosive Ordnance Depot Approved
Townsville Field Training Area: Urban Operations Training Facility Approved
South Australia
Boothby Warradale Barracks: Weapons Training Simulation System Facility Approved
Wakefield Port Wakefield: Battery Firing Facility In development
Port Wakefield: Vibration Test Facility In development
Edinburgh Defence Precinct: Minor Units Facilities Approved
Woomera Prohibited Area: Disposal Explosive Ordnance Storage Facilities In development
Western Australia
Curtin Swanbourne: Campbell Barracks: Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Facility Approved
Swanbourne: Campbell Barracks: Project REDFIN Facilities Stage 1A Approved
Bass Scottsdale: Specific Nutritional Capability In development
Franklin Fort Direction: Explosive Ordnance Upgrade Approved
Northern Territory
Solomon Darwin: Shoal Bay Receiving Station Facilities Upgrade In development
Timber Creek: Bradshaw Field Training Area – Instrumented Air Weapons Range Approved
Robertson Barracks: 1 Aviation Regiment Facilities Upgrade In development
Robertson Barracks: Barracks Power Supply Upgrade In development
Australian Capital Territory
Fraser 1 Joint Public Affairs Unit Facility In development
Majura Field Training Area: Camp Blake Kitchen Upgrade Approved
Various Locations
  Countermine Capability Facilities (Land 144) In development
  Special Operations: National Storage Facilities In development
  Joint Theatre Distribution Systems Facilities Approved
  Data Centre Infrastructure Upgrade Approved