Status of Major Projects foreshadowed for Government &/or Parliamentary Joint Statutory Committee on Public Works Consideration in 2008-09

Table A4.3 lists those facilities proposals presented by Defence to the Government and the PWC in 2008-09.

Table A4.3 Program of Major Works (by state, federal electorate and locality)
Status as at 30 June 2009
Bandiana: Joint Logistics Unit Victoria - Warehousing Expediency motion
4 September 2008
Puckapunyal Redevelopment Expediency motion
3 December 2008
Amberley: RAAF Base Amberley - Australian Super Hornet Facilities Expediency motion
23 October 2008
Enoggera: Base Redevelopment Stage 1 Expediency motion
25 June 2008
RAAF Base Townsville
Additional Chinook Helicopter Facilities In development
South Australia
Edinburgh Defence Precinct: Hardened and Networked Army Facilities Expediency motion
25 June 2008
Edinburgh: RAAF Base Edinburgh Redevelopment Stage 2 Expediency motion
28 May 2008
Northern Territory
Darwin: RAAF Base Darwin Redevelopment Stage 2 Expediency motion
25 June 2008
Darwin: Robertson Barracks Redevelopment (includes LAND 907 and Hardened and Networked Army projects) Expediency motion
25 June 2008
Katherine: RAAF Base Tindal Redevelopment Stage 5 Expediency motion
25 June 2008
Katherine: RAAF Base Tindal Airborne Early Warning and Control Facilities Expediency motion
25 June 2008
Various locations
Multi Role Helicopter Facilities Expediency motion
25 June 2008
Enhanced Land Force - Facilities Stage 1 Expediency motion
19 March 2009


Defence sought and obtained exemptions from PWC scrutiny for the following projects: