Performance pay

All Senior Executive Service (SES) employees in the DMO are covered by individual Australian Workplace Agreements. Performance pay, in the form of performance bonuses for sustained high levels of performance, is available to some SES employees covered by the DMO Australian Workplace Agreements. During 2007-08, eight SES employees within the DMO received performance pay.

Non-senior executive staff

Performance-related pay was available to non-SES staff under the Defence Collective Agreement (DeCA) 2006-2009. The current agreement was signed in June 2006 and came into effect on 1 July 2006 The DeCA covers the civilian workforce of the DMO. It has a nominal expiry date of 30 June 2009; however, Defence is currently undertaking internal consultation with key stakeholders to commence negotiations for a replacement agreement. The agreement provides a competitive pay arrangement to ensure that Defence salaries remain competitive with other public sector agencies.

Subject to performance, employees may be entitled to progress to a higher pay point within the salary band for their classification. This salary advancement is not considered performance pay. During 2007-08, salary advancement within an employee's pay band was 3.8 per cent or, for an employee at the top of a pay band (or on a retained pay point), a lump-sum payment of the greater of $500 or one per cent of the employee's rate of pay (adjusted for part-time hours, if applicable).

Salary advancement in the form of 3.8 per cent is not considered performance pay, but the lump-sum payment made to employees at the top of the pay band, which does not affect the employee's nominal salary, is considered performance pay.

Performance Agreements

Individuals covered by Australian workplace agreements may have access to performance-based pay in the form of performance bonuses. At 30 June 2008, 54 DMO non-Senior Executive Service employees were covered by individual Australian Workplace Agreements and 2 DMO non-Senior Executive Service employees were covered by Section 24 Determinations.

Table 4.15 Performance Pay 2007-08[1]
Level of staff Staff eligible Number of staff paid Amount paid
Average payment
APS 1-5 - - - -
APS 6 1 1 7,315 7,315
Executive Level 1 5 2 24,564 12,282
Executive Level 2 46 22 225,904 10,268
Non-SES AWAs 52 25 257,783 10,311
SES AWAs - 8 146,566 18,321


  1. The data in this table represents employees who were paid performance pay at any point during the financial year 2007-08.