Land Systems Division

The sustainment of land systems is now managed through 10 System Program Offices (SPO). An additional SPO was established during 2007-08 to manage surveillance and simulation systems without increasing total personnel numbers. Land materiel products span more than 1,200 equipment fleet types and tens of thousands of consumable line items. Land materiel is supported by Land Systems Division throughout Australia, and in several concurrent overseas operational theatres. During 2007-08, these products were managed across 26 separate Materiel Sustainment Agreements. The range of land materiel is significant and includes:



B Vehicles

B Vehicles are generally unprotected Land Rovers, Mercedes Unimog 4-tonne and Mack 8-tonne trucks, and associated trailers. The total number of vehicles and trailers under management is approximately 11,500. The overall budget included logistic shortfall supplementation and provided for regional unscheduled maintenance, centrally managed repair programs and remediation of vehicles as they returned from operational areas. The major risks mitigated were the uncertain timing of equipment returning from operations and the increasing maintenance liability and cost due to the ageing of the fleet. A number of specific outcomes were achieved, notably:

Commercial Vehicles

During 2007-08 the Defence Commercial Vehicle Program replaced 2,110 vehicles.

This involved:

ADF Clothing and Equipment

PhotoADF clothing consists of combat clothing, personal field equipment and non-combat clothing. In 2007-08 ADF Clothing ordered over nine million items and delivered over seven million items to meet approximately 950,000 demands for clothing and field equipment. It achieved its baseline sustainment budget and met its operational and Enhanced Land Force requirements. ADF Clothing continues to strengthen its relationship with industry, with Clothing Industry Forums held in September 2007 and April 2008, with 80 industry representatives attending each forum.

In 2008 ADF Clothing commenced the move to a Prime Vendor for non-combat uniforms based on four work packages: Garrison Wear, Ceremonial Uniforms, Sports Wear and Commercial Work Wear. Following the release of an Invitation to Register in April 2008, release of a restricted Request for Tender is planned to occur in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Over 26 tenders that were detailed in the 2008-12 ADF Clothing and Personal Equipment Procurement Plan were released to industry. Major risks associated with this sustainment capability remain the capacity of the local textile clothing and footwear industry to meet ADF combat and non-combat clothing demands as a result of ongoing sector rationalisation.