Closed Projects

Seventeen projects closed during 2007-08.

Table 3.5 Projects Closed in 2007-08
Project name Project
Reason for closure
F/A-18 Hornet AIR 15 The project is complete. All requirements have been delivered and accepted by all parties.
Medium Tactical Airlift Capability AIR 5401 Phase 1 All activity completed for this project.
Seahawk Missile Integration AIR 9000
Phase 3E
The project commissioned a study to examine the incorporation of the Penguin missile on the Seahawk platform. Due to the high technical risk of the integration identified in the report, the project was held in abeyance until closed in March 2008 following the decision to dispose of Penguin missile stocks.
Aerial Target System JP 7 Phase 4 Reached planned withdrawal date. Removed from service.
Acoustic Mine Imaging System SEA 1432 Phase 2 All project deliverables have been completed.
ADF Deployable Medical Capability JP 2060 Phase 2A Project has been completed. The phase delivered portable ultra sound systems and intermediate fidelity mannequin systems with integrated logistic support for the first three years of service.
Ninox - Ground Surveillance Radar LAND 53 Phase 1E This project delivered the full capability and has transitioned to fleet.
Project Overlander Field Vehicle And Trailer Fleet LAND 121 Phase 3A Second pass approval combined Phases 3A and 3B into a single Phase 3.
Soldier Combat System LAND 125 Phase 2A This project was to conduct a Project Definition Study in order to shape the strategy for future phases. All project deliverables have been met and the project was closed.
Acoustic Threat Localisation System LAND 148 Phase 1 This project was a Capability and Technology Demonstrator that met all of the required deliverables and was subsequently closed.
MILSATCOM - Military Satellite Payload JP 2008 Phase 3D Project closure was achieved in June 2008. The capability has been delivered, accepted into service and transitioned to sustainment.
Personal Radar Warning Device JP 2093 Phase 1 Project completed and closure achieved in May 2008.
Electronic Attack On Global Nav. Sat. System JP 5411 Phase 1 Requirements delivered as per MAA.
Maritime Communications Study SEA 1442 Phase 2B SEA 1442 Phase 2B successfully completed delivery of its scope and objectives in May 2007. All equipment procured for test and trials will be used for and supported by future phases of SEA 1442 and related Navy minor projects.
CAMM2 AIR 5279 Phase 2 The project was completed in 2006 with transition into service. The final closure documents were completed in 2008.
Air Warfare Destroyer Design Activity SEA 4000 Phase 2 This phase of the SEA 4000 Program has been closed and the scope incorporated in SEA 4000 Program Phase 3—Build, which commenced in October 2007.
Air Warfare Destroyer Program - Aegis Combat System SEA 4000 Phase 3.1 This Phase of the SEA 4000 Program has been closed and the scope incorporated in SEA 4000 Program Phase 3—Build, which commenced in October 2007.


Minor Capital Investment Projects

Minor capital investment projects are undertaken to address emerging requirements—often to enhance or replace existing capability. They are funded from outside the Defence Capability Plan and are usually of relatively low value. There are currently about 190 such projects, with an average value of around $6m. A total of $97m was expended on minor capital investment projects during 2007-08, compared to $161m in 2006-07.

Table 3.6 Top five minor projects 2007-08
expenditure to
30 June 2007

Explanation for significant variation of expenditure
Air Force
Pilot Monitoring Facility (PMF) Radios AFM00913 17.1 4.2 6.7 9.9 10.0 0.2
RAAF Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Upgrade AFM00930 14.8 2.4 4.9 1.6 0.4 -1.2 Delivery delay has caused the slippage of the in-service date from May 2009 to June 2011. Revised project plans are being prepared.
Field Refrigeration Storage and Distribution AMP081.03 21.1 0.5 6.1 1.1 0.7 -0.3 Estimates were based on the median costs of the three tendered prices and the schedule prior to contract signature. The contract represents a real cost saving against those estimates. The in-service date and project closure has been slipped by up to three months and is now planned to be December 2009.
Portable Floodlight Sets AMP012.01 5.2 0.6 4.3 2.4 2.7 0.3 The overspend is due to the early delivery of components required to assemble the floodlight sets.
Weapons Training
Simulation System
AMP029.27 14.2 7.2 4.2 1.9 0.5 -1.4 The variation results from the delay in construction of the Oakey facility that will house the system. The facility was originally planned to be completed in 2007-08 but will now be completed in August 2008 and expenditure of funds will occur in 2008-09.
Total top five minor projects 72.4 14.9 26.2 16.9 14.4 -2.4