New Projects

During 2007-08, 15 new acquisition projects were transferred to the DMO following Government approval.

The DMO classifies a project as having been transferred on the signing of a Material Acquisition Agreement (MAA) between the DMO and Defence.

Table 3.4 New Projects transferred to DMO in 2007-08 [1]
Project name Project

Project information
Aerospace Systems Division
C-130J Block Upgrade - Block 7.0 AIR 5440 Phase 1 4.3 3.7 Annual cost contribution to development of multi-national C-130J Block Upgrade 7.0 and generation of required project documents leading to first/second pass approval.
Maritime Patrol and Response Aircraft System AIR 7000 Phase 2 52.3 0.2 The variation of expenditure between planned and actual for 2007-08 was the result of re-phasing of the US$60m spending for the P-8 Poseidon Spiral 1 Cooperative Development MoU with the US Navy. Re-phasing was required as the understanding of a number of related activities had not matured sufficiently enough to allow the MoU to be signed.
Helicopter Systems Division
Additional Chinook Helicopter Project AIR 9000 Phase 5C 0.6 - The purpose of this project is to purchase three additional F model Chinook Helicopters. First pass approval was received on 13 September 2007; however, the MAA was not executed until 24 June 2008. Second pass approval is expected in October 2009.
Seahawk Capability Assurance Program 1 AIR 9000 SCAP 1 0.7 - The purpose of this program is to address obsolescence in the platform to maintain existing capability. Slippage in contractor start dates to June 2008 caused expenditure to move to 2008-09.
Electronic Systems Division
Next Generation Satellite Program JP 2008 Phase 4 36.6 18.0 Provide WGS Communications and ground infrastructure to support the Satellites. The re-programming of expenditure occurred due to the main contractor providing invoices to the prime contractor three months behind schedule. This slippage was identified in February 2008.
Land Force Combat Identification LAND 146 Phase 2 2.0 0.5 This project is yet to receive second pass approval and aims to expand the provisioning of Combat Identification kit provided under Phase 1 (Phase 2A) and introduce a Digital Terminal Control System (Phase 2B).
Tactical Information Exchange Domain JP 2089 Phase 2 0.5 - Risk Reduction Program to determine whether the introduction of the Variable Message Format Digital Communication System into the F/A-18 Hornets will present a development, cost or schedule risk to the Hornet Upgrade Project Phase 2.3 Electronic Warfare Self Protection software development program.
Military Integrated Logistics Information System
Improved Logistics Information Systems JP 2077 Phase 2D 5.3 2.4 This will provide the delivery of an enhanced information systems capability. Phase 2D is on a three pass strategy. First pass approval received in March 2007 with an interim pass scheduled for June 2009 and second pass scheduled for late 2010.
Land Systems Division
Field Vehicles And Trailers - Overlander Program LAND 121 Phase 3 6.3 1.6 Phase 3 addresses the acquisition and support of the new range of Military-Off-the-Shelf vehicles, trailers and integrated modules. Second Pass Approval received on 14 August 2007. The MAA was signed in March 2008. Phases 3A and 3B were merged during 2007-08.
Overlander - Protected Mobility Vehicle - Light LAND 121
Phase 4
0.7 - Phase 4 addresses the acquisition and support of a Light Protected Mobility Vehicle capability. Pre-first pass MAA signed in May 2008. First pass approval is anticipated in September 2008.
Maritime Systems Division
Collins Class Communications & Electronic Warfare Improvement SEA 1439 Phase 5B2 - - Development of documentation to achieve Second pass approval.
Air Warfare Destroyer Program
AWD Build SEA 4000 Phase 3 315.1 441.1 Refer to additional project information.


  1. There were three classified projects approved. Details are not published in this list.