Section 3
Military Justice Reform update

3.3 Learning Culture Inquiry

By March 2007, the Chiefs of Service Committee (COSC) had endorsed a three phased approach to the implementation of the 46 agreed recommendations of the inquiry into the learning culture in ADF schools and training establishments (Learning Culture Inquiry). The first phase focused on articulating doctrinal, policy and procedural changes along with training courses requiring consequential amendment. The second phase is focused on amending courses and documenting and implementing the amended policy, in particular at the training institution level. The third phase is intended to be focused on confirming Defence’s achievements and completing outstanding recommendations.

Defence’s implementation of this approach has progressed steadily during 2007-08. Phase one is substantially complete, Phase two is well underway and Defence commitments against 25 recommendations have been completed. Preliminary work has also commenced on Phase three. CDF has commissioned a detailed assessment of Defence’s progress towards implementing the inquiry report recommendations, the findings of which will contribute to an independent review of progress with implementation of the military justice reform program scheduled for completion in February 2009.

Notable milestones include: