Section 2
Health and effectiveness of the Military Justice System

2.4 Conduct of administrative inquiries

IGADF unit military justice audits indicate that general awareness of and compliance with recently published DI(G) ADMIN 67-2 Quick Assessment (QA) is satisfactory. That the process is being used is illustrated by the fact that during the reporting period 340 QAs were conducted into allegations of unacceptable behaviour alone. Insufficient training and experience in the conduct of QAs is evident in some units whereby ordered QAs tend to exceed the intended aim, becoming quasi-Routine Inquiries. The main flaw with such an approach is that they tend to take much longer than expected to complete, thereby delaying command’s ability to shape the most suitable course of action. It has been suggested to all audited units that the nomination of a senior member of the command team to attend the IGADF Inquiry Officer course should be considered with the aim of creating a local subject matter expert to advise and mentor unit personnel assigned administrative inquiry duties.

ADFAITS is the management tool for the capture of inquiries conducted under the Defence (Inquiry) Regulations (DIR). Its main purpose is to serve as a management tool for personnel conducting inquiries and to assist Appointing and Superior Authorities in the oversight of approved recommendations through the implementation phase.

Compliance with DI(G) ADMIN 65-1, the governing Defence Instruction, had been lacklustre but considerable improvement has been noted more recently. It is encouraging to note that ADFAITS has reached such a level of general acceptance that consideration is being given to adopting it as a platform for a Corrective Action Tracking Tool (CATT) to monitor actions resulting from Boards of Inquiry (BOI) and CDF Commissions of Inquiry (COI) addressing death in service, personal injury and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) incidents. Table 7 summarises inquiries currently tracked in the system.

Table 7 - ADFAITS summary
  Inquiry Officer inquiry Board of Inquiry Commission of Inquiry
CDF 2 10 10
NAVY 24 3  
ARMY 23    
TOTAL 52 13 10