Appendix Two
Corporate governance

Senior Committee Attendance

This section contains additional detailed information on Defence's senior committees, further to that contained in the print version of the Defence Annual Report 2007-08.

Table WA2.10 Workforce and Financial Management Committee membership and attendance, 2007-08
Position and name
Joint Chairs
Secretary for Defence
Mr Nick Warner
Chief of the Defence Force
Air Chief Marshal AG Houston, AC, AFC
Chief Finance Officer (Chair) (Mr Phillip Prior)
Deputy Secretary People Strategies and Policy (Mr Phil Minns - appointed 4 February 2008)
Head Personnel Executive
(Mrs Sue Parr - Acting advisor 11 July 2007 and 15 August 2007 meetings)
(Major General Mick Slater - appointed 10 September 2007 and advisor until appointment of DEPSEC PSP)

During 2007-08, the Workforce and Financial Management Committee met 13 times and oversaw the positive results of the 2006-07 Financial Statements. The Committee also considered internal funding requests for new and existing initiatives, New Policy Proposals to put forward to Government in the context of the 2008-09 Budget and allocation of the Defence workforce to meet Defence priorities.