Appendix Two
Corporate governance

Senior Committee Attendance

This section contains additional detailed information on Defence's senior committees, further to that contained in the print version of the Defence Annual Report 2007-08.

Table WA2.5 Defence Capability Committee membership and attendance 2007-08
Position and name
Chief Capability Development Group
(Lieutenant General David Hurley until October 2007)[1]
(Vice Admiral Matt Tripovich from 9 October 2007)
Head Strategic Policy
(Dr Paul Taloni until March 2008)[1]
(Ms Rebecca Skinner from 4 March 2008)
Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Defence Materiel Organisation (Mr Kim Gillis)[1]
Deputy Chief Defence Scientist (Policy and Programs) (Dr Nanda Nandagopal)[1]
First Assistant Secretary Budgets and Financial Planning
(Mr Stephen Wearn until April 2008)
(Mr Adam Culley acting from April 2008)
Deputy Chief of Navy (Rear Admiral Russ Crane)[1]
Deputy Chief of Army
(Major General John Cantwell until April 2008)[1]
(Major General David Morrison from 8 April 2008)[1]
Deputy Chief of Air Force (Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn)[1]
First Assistant Secretary Capability, Investment and Resources
(Dr Ralph Neumann until April 2008)[1]
(Dr Paul Taloni from 8 April 2008) [1]
Head Capability Systems
(Rear Admiral Matt Tripovich until September 2007)
(Air Vice-Marshal John Quaife from 4 September 2007) [1]
Commander Joint Logistics (Major General Grant Cavenagh) [1]
Permanently invited members
Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Security or representative
Deputy Chief Joint Operations Command or representative
Head Information Capability Management Division
Head Infrastructure or representative
Head Personnel Executive or representative
Department of Finance and Administration representative


  1. Representative attended.

During 2007-08, the Defence Capability Committee met nine times. It considered 36 major proposals in session and two items out of session. These included the new Pilot Training System (first pass), Maritime Communications and Information Management Architecture Modernisation (first pass), Overlander Field Vehicles and Trailers (first pass), and the Deployable Mine Counter Measures (first pass).

The Committee also considered Key Asset life planning data, and Major Capital Facilities program.