Appendix Two
Corporate governance

Senior Committee Attendance

This section contains additional detailed information on Defence's senior committees, further to that contained in the print version of the Defence Annual Report 2007-08.

Table WA2.3 Defence Audit Committee membership and attendance, 2007-08
Position and name
Until February 2008
Mr Will Laurie (Chair)
Mr John Brown (Deputy Chair)
Mr Graeme Lawless (Independent Member until August 2007)
Brigadier Paul Symon (Defence member)
Air Commodore Ian Smith (Defence member)
Mrs Sue Parr (Defence member)
From February 2008
Mr Paul Rizzo (Chair)
Mr John Brown (Deputy Chair)
Deputy Secretary Intelligence, Security and International Policy (Mr Stephen Merchant)
Vice Chief of the Defence Force
(Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie February 2008 - April 2008)
(Lieutenant General David Hurley from June 2008)

During 2007-08, the Defence Audit Committee underwent a major transformation to provide a stronger focus on governance and assurance processes, especially risk management and an effective controls framework. This transformation included enhancement to the membership of the Committee, which now comprises up to four senior private sector members and two SES Band 3/3—Star level internal representatives. A new charter was also adopted consistent with the best practice guidelines established by the Australian National Audit Office.

During 2007-08, the Committee met nine times. It continued its critical role of reviewing the preparation of Defence's Financial Statements and providing the Secretary and CDF with advice to ensure that recent improvements to financial management in Defence were sustained and enhanced. It also reviewed and provided advice to the Secretary and CDF on: