Appendix Two
Corporate governance

Senior Committee Attendance

This section contains additional detailed information on Defence's senior committees, further to that contained in the print version of the Defence Annual Report 2007-08.

Table WA2.2 Chiefs of Service Committee membership and attendance, 2007-08
Position and name
Chief of the Defence Force (Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston)
Secretary (Mr Nick Warner)
Vice Chief of the Defence Force (Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie)
Chief of Navy (Vice Admiral Russ Shalders)
Chief of Army (Lieutenant General Peter Leahy)
Chief of Air Force (Air Marshal Geoffrey Shepherd)
Deputy Secretary Strategy, Coordination and Governance.
(Mr Michael Pezzullo until February 2008)
(Mr Frank Lewincamp acting from February - June 2008)

Throughout 2007-08 the Chiefs of Service Committee met 14 times. It considered and provided strategic guidance on proposals, papers and progress reports on issues such as:

The Chiefs of Service Committee also considered monthly and annual progress reports on issues such as: