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This section contains additional detailed information, further to that contained in the hardcopy of the Defence Annual Report 2005–06.


Consultancy Services Let During 2005–06, of Total Contract Value of $10,000 or More (Inclusive of GST)
Consultant Name Description Contract Value $ Selection Process Justification
Defence Personnel Executive
Adept Associates Pty Ltd Specialist human resource advise on general occupational health safety and compensation branch 21,719 Panel C
Australian Government Actuary Actuarial valuation advice on employee entitlements 99,130 Direct Sourcing B
Australian Government Solicitor Design a workshop on principles based decision making in human resources 73,913 Direct Sourcing A and B
Australian Strategic Policy Review into recruitment and retention 78,000 Direct Sourcing C
Brodtmann Communications Development of a change communication strategy including qualitative and quantitative measures 32,720 Direct Sourcing B
Changedrivers Pty Ltd Scoping study of the PKMeyS Self Service intranet website 16,300 Panel C
CIT Solutions Advice on mapping Navy and Air Force training against Public Safety Certification III for military recruits 10,464 Direct Sourcing B
Comsuper Advice on a Unit Pricing error by National Custodian Services 39,600 Direct Sourcing A
Essence Review into recruitment and retention 75,000 Sole Sourcing C
Fellows Medlock & Associates Advice on strategy and tactics to the Defence Workplace Relations Negotiation Team 21,120 Direct Sourcing A
Greg Seberry & Associates Pty Ltd Development of an overarching Group strategy to absence management and civilian compensation profile 52,272 Direct Sourcing C
Grosvenor Management Consulting Review into health services at Albury Wodonga military area 72,000 Panel C
I & SK Pauza Review into Cert IV in Public Safety and the Diploma of Public Safety 38,500 Direct Sourcing B
Intercept Consultancy Services Development of a tiered definitional framework for Australian Defence Force disability allowance 49,500 Direct Sourcing A
Kamira Stacey Consulting Pty Ltd Advice on resolving an unacceptable behaviour claim 12,800 Direct Sourcing A
KAZ Technology Services Advice on Independent system security of Cognos Cubes and ReportNet 15,752 Panel C
KPMG Australia Development of tools for reporting of leave audit check results 29,506 Open Tender B
Labrynth Consulting Advice on internal audit training 20,000 Panel A and B
Leadr Advice on mediator training in Canberra 21,450 Direct Sourcing B
Livingstones Australia Review and development of models for consideration in relation to the Australian Defence Forces other ranks pay structure 73,880 Direct Sourcing A
Peter Sheahan Pty Ltd Review into recruitment and retention 41,000 Direct Sourcing C
Proactive Resolutions Australia Pty Ltd Advice on awareness and skills training in dialogue for solutions and workplace conferencing 54,080 Direct Sourcing A and B
Robson Huntley & Associations Pty Ltd Independent review of the HealthKeyS project 33,000 Panel B and C
Saville Holsworthy Ltd Review into the Leadership Framework 22,345 Direct Sourcing C
Strategic Revelations Review into recruitment and retention 78,000 Sole Sourcing C
Tactics Consulting Advice and guidance on the development of the Defence recruitment manual 11,475 Direct Sourcing A
The Trillium Group Advice on mediation to Defence staff from locations across Australia. 76,531 Select A and B
Training Systems Services Pty Ltd Advice on units of competency for advanced medical assistants 12,000 Direct Sourcing B
Training Systems Services Pty Ltd Advice on units of competency for advanced medical assistants 17,000 Direct Sourcing B
Training Systems Services Pty Ltd Develop, validate and gain endorsement for units of competency 27,565 Direct Sourcing B
Training Systems Services Pty Ltd Analysis of draft and national units of competency relevant to three Army occupational groups 37,000 Direct Sourcing B
Uniquest Pty Ltd Advice on assisting in the Australian Defence Force officer initial entry review 35,931 Direct Sourcing B
Total Defence Personnel Executive 1,299,553    

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