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This section contains additional detailed information, further to that contained in the hardcopy of the Defence Annual Report 2005–06.

ADF Units and Establishments

Major Australian Defence Force Operations during 2005-06

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ADF units and establishments are shown below. The information is correct as at 30 June 2006.

ADF Units and Establishments

Name Location
Joint Units and Organisations
Headquarters Joint Operations Command Sydney, NSW
Headquarters Joint Logistics Command Melbourne, Vic
Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters Northern Command Darwin, NT
1st Joint Movement Group Sydney, NSW
Australian Defence College Canberra, ACT
Australian Defence Force Academy Canberra, ACT
Defence Communications Station Canberra, ACT
Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre Liverpool, NSW
Joint Logistics Unit (North) Winnellie, NT
Joint Logistics Unit (South) Edinburgh, SA
Joint Logistics Unit (West) Rockingham, WA
Joint Logistics Unit (North Queensland) Townsville, Qld
Joint Logistics Unit (South Queensland) Bulimba, Qld
Joint Logistics Unit (Victoria) Bandiana, Vic
Joint Proof and Experimental Unit Orchard Hills, NSW
Royal Australian Navy
Name Location
Navy Headquarters Canberra, ACT
Maritime Command Sydney, NSW
Navy Systems Command Canberra, ACT
Type of vessel Name Base
Surface Combatants
6 Guided missile frigates (FFG) HMAS Adelaide Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Canberra(1) Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Darwin Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Melbourne Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Newcastle Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Sydney Sydney, NSW
7 Anzac-class frigates (FFH) HMAS Anzac Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Arunta Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Ballarat Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Parramatta Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Stuart Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Warramunga Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Toowoomba(2) Garden Island, WA
Type of vessel Name Base
Mine Countermeasures
6 Coastal mine hunters (MHC) HMAS Diamantina Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Gascoyne Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Hawkesbury Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Huon Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Norman Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Yarra Sydney, NSW
2 Clearance diving teams (CDT) AUST CDT 1 Sydney, NSW
  AUST CDT 4 Garden Island, WA
2 Auxiliary minesweepers (MSA) HMAS Bandicoot Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Wallaroo Sydney, NSW
Amphibious and Afloat Support
1 Replenishment ship (AOR) HMAS Success Sydney, NSW
1 Oil tanker (AO) HMAS Westralia Garden Island, WA
1 Heavy landing ship (LSH) HMAS Tobruk Sydney, NSW
2 Amphibious landing ships (LPA) HMAS Kanimbla Sydney, NSW
  HMAS Manoora Sydney, NSW
6 Heavy landing crafts (LCH) HMAS Balikpapan Darwin, NT
  HMAS Betano Darwin, NT
  HMAS Brunei Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Labuan Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Tarakan Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Wewak Cairns, Qld
Patrol Boat
14 Fremantle-class patrol boats (FCPB) HMAS Bendigo Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Bunbury(3) Darwin, NT
  HMAS Dubbo Darwin, NT
  HMAS Fremantle Darwin, NT
  HMAS Gawler Darwin, NT
  HMAS Geelong Darwin, NT
  HMAS Geraldton Darwin, NT
  HMAS Gladstone Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Ipswich Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Launceston Darwin, NT
  HMAS Townsville Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Whyalla(4) Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Warnambool(5) Darwin, NT
  HMAS Wollongong(6) Darwin, NT
Type of vessel Name Base
3 Armidale-class patrol boat (ACPB) HMAS Armidale Darwin, NT
  HMAS Larrakia(7) Darwin, NT
  HMAS Bathurst(8) Darwin, NT
6 Collins-class submarines (SSG) HMAS Collins Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Dechaineux Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Farncomb Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Sheean Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Rankin Garden Island, WA
  HMAS Waller Garden Island, WA
2 Hydrographic ships (HS) HMAS Leeuwin Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Melville Cairns, Qld
4 Survey motor launches (SML) HMAS Benalla Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Mermaid Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Paluma Cairns, Qld
  HMAS Shepparton Cairns, Qld
1 Laser airborne depth sounder (LADS) aircraft LADS Flight Cairns, Qld
Squadron Aircraft Base
723 SQN helicopter training squadron 13(9) AS350BA Squirrel Nowra, NSW
805 SQN anti-surface helicopter squadron 10(10) SH-2G(A) Super Seasprite Nowra, NSW
816 SQN anti-submarine helicopter squadron 16 S-70B-2 Seahawk Nowra, NSW
817 SQN maritime support helicopter squadron 6 SK50 Sea King Nowra, NSW
Non-Defence Administered Activity
1 Youth sail training ship STS Young Endeavour Sydney, NSW
Description Name Location
Commissioned Establishments
Ship base (Fleet Base East)/Headquarters/area administration HMAS Kuttabul(11) Sydney, NSW
Naval air station HMAS Albatross Nowra, NSW
Ship and submarine base (Fleet Base West)/area administration HMAS Stirling(12) Garden Island, WA
Patrol boat and marine science base HMAS Cairns(13) Cairns, Qld
Patrol boat base/area administration HMAS Coonawarra Darwin, NT
Mine warfare HMAS Waterhen Sydney, NSW
Communications station/area administration HMAS Harman(14) Canberra, ACT
Description Name Location
Training establishments HMAS Cerberus Western Port, Vic
  HMAS Creswell Jervis Bay, ACT
  HMAS Penguin Middle Head, NSW
  HMAS Watson Watsons Bay, NSW
Facility/unit   Location
Australian Navy Cadets(15) National HQ ANC East Fremantle, WA
Non-Commissioned Establishments
Jervis Bay Range Facility   Jervis Bay, NSW
Naval Ammunitioning Facility   Eden, NSW
Naval Transmitting Station   Sale, Vic
Naval Headquarters South Queensland   Brisbane, Qld
Naval Headquarters South Australia   Adelaide, SA
Naval Headquarters Tasmania   Hobart, Tas
Naval fuel installations   Chowder Bay, NSW
    Darwin, NT
West Head Gunnery Range   Flinders, Vic


  1. HMAS Canberra was decommissioned on 12 November 2005.
  2. HMAS Toowoomba was commissioned on 8 October 2005.
  3. HMAS Bunbury was decommissioned on 11 February 2006.
  4. HMAS Whyalla was decommissioned on 2 September 2005.
  5. HMAS Warrnambool was decommissioned on 29 November 2005.
  6. HMAS Wollongong was decommissioned on 11 February 2006.
  7. HMAS Larrakia was commissioned on 10 February 2006.
  8. HMAS Bathurst was commissioned on 10 February 2006.
  9. Twelve aircraft are operated, the thirteenth aircraft is held for attrition purposes.
  10. The eleventh Super Seasprite helicopter had not been delivered from the United States to Australia as at 30 June 2006.
  11. HMAS Kuttabul has administrative responsibility for Fleet Base East (adjoining Garden Island Dockyard), and the adjacent Maritime Headquarters, and includes the previously reported Naval Communications area local station, Sydney, NSW.
  12. HMAS Stirling includes the previously reported Naval Communications area master station, Rockingham, WA.
  13. HMAS Cairns includes the previously reported Naval Communications area local station, Cairns, Qld.
  14. HMAS Harman includes the previously reported Naval Communications Station, Canberra, ACT and the Naval Communications area master station, Canberra, ACT.
  15. The Australian Navy Cadets National Headquarters commands almost 100 Navy Cadet Units nationally, supporting a Navy community partnership.
Australian Army
Name Location
Army Headquarters Canberra, ACT
Formation/unit Designation Location
1 Army Headquarters AHQ Canberra, ACT
1 Aviation Support Group Workshop Avn Spt Gp Wksp Oakey, Qld
1 Land Warfare Studies Centre LWSC Canberra, ACT
1 Army History Unit AHU Canberra, ACT
1 Army Financial Services Unit (Army Reserve) AFSU Canberra, ACT
1 Australia's Federation Guard AFG Canberra, ACT
1 Directorate of Officer Career Management—Army DOCM-A Canberra, ACT
1 Soldier Career Management Agency SCMA Queenscliff, Vic
1 Directorate of Reserve Career Management—Army DRCM-A Canberra, ACT
8 Regional Cadet Units HQ NTH QLD AAC BDE Townsville, QLD
  HQ NSW AAC BDE Moorebank, NSW
  HQ VIC AAC BDE MacLeod, Vic
  HQ SA AAC BDE Hampstead Gardens, SA
  HQ WA AAC BDE Fremantle, WA
  HQ TAS AAC BN Glenorchy, Tas
  HQ NT AAC BN Palmerston, NT
1 Australian Army Cadets AAC Canberra, ACT
Combat Forces
1 Land Headquarters LHQ Paddington, NSW
1 Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (Integrated) DJFHQ Enoggera, NSW
1 Divisional Headquarters (Army Reserve) HQ 2 Div Randwick, NSW
9 Brigade Headquarters (6 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) HQ 1 Bde Palmerston, NT
  HQ 3 Bde Townsville, Qld
  HQ 4 Bde Macleod, Vic
  HQ 5 Bde Holsworthy, NSW
  HQ 7 Bde Enoggera, Qld
  HQ 8 Bde Dundas, NSW
  HQ 9 Bde Keswick, SA
  HQ 11 Bde Townsville, Qld
  HQ 13 Bde Karrakatta, WA
1 Special Operations Headquarters SO HQ Canberra, ACT/Garden Island, NSW
2 Commando Battalions 1 Cdo Regt Randwick, NSW
  4 RAR (Cdo) Holsworthy, NSW
1 Special Air Service Regiment SASR Swanbourne, WA
1 Incident Response Regiment IRR Holsworthy, NSW
1 Special Operations Combat Service Support Company SO CSSC Holsworthy, NSW
1 Logistic Brigade Headquarters (Integrated) HQ 17 Bde Randwick, NSW
1 Ground Liaison Group (Integrated) 1 GL GP Glenbrook, NSW
1 Combat Training Centre CTC Lavarack, Qld
1 Armoured Regiment (Integrated) 1 Armd Regt Palmerston, NT
4 Reconnaissance Regiments (1 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) 2 Cav Regt Palmerston, NT
  1/15 RNSWL Parramatta, NSW
  4/19 PWLH Macleod, Vic
  2/14 LHR Enoggera, Qld
1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment (Army Reserve) 12/16 HRL Tamworth, NSW
1 Independent Reconnaissance Squadron (Army Reserve) A Sqn 10 LH Karrakatta, WA
2 Independent Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadrons (1 Army Reserve) B Sqn 3/4 Cav Regt (APC) Townsville, Qld
  3/9 LH (SAMR) Smithfield, SA
1 Medium Artillery Regiment 8/12 Mdm Regt Palmerston, NT
6 Field Artillery Regiments (4 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) 1 Fd Regt Enoggera, Qld
  4 Fd Regt Townsville, Qld/Holsworthy, NSW
  2/10 Fd Regt St Kilda, Vic
  7 Fd Regt Pymble, NSW
  23 Fd Regt Kogarah, NSW
  6/13 Fd Regt Keswick, SA
1 Air Defence Regiment (Integrated) 16 AD Regt Woodside, SA
4 Independent Field Artillery Batteries (3 Army Reserve) 7 Fd Bty 3 Fd Regt Karrakatta, WA
  16 Fd Bty Launceston, Tas
  48 Fd Bty Keswick, SA
  A Fd Bty Holsworthy, NSW
1 Locating Battery (Integrated) 131 STA Bty Enoggera, Qld
6 Combat Engineer Regiments (CER) (3 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) 1 CER Palmerston, NT
  2 CER Enoggera, Qld
  3 CER Townsville, Qld
  4 CER Ringwood East, Vic
  5 CER Penrith, NSW
  8 CER Adamstown, NSW
9 Command Support Regiments (CSR)(6 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) 1 CSR Palmerston, NT
  3 CSR Lavarack, Qld
  108 Sig Sqn (4 CSR) Macleod, Vic
  142 Sig Sqn (5 CSR) Holsworthy, NSW
  7 CSR Enoggera, Qld
  155 Sig Sqn (8 CSR) Dundas, NSW
  144 Sig Sqn (9 CSR) Keswick, SA
  11 CSR Townsville, Qld
  109 Sig Sqn (13 CSR) Karrakatta, WA
1 Headquarters Engineer Support Regiment HQ 6 ESR Enoggera, Qld
2 Construction Regiments (Army Reserve) 21 Const Regt Holsworthy, NSW
  22 Const Regt Oakleigh South, Vic
3 Field Engineer Squadrons, Combat Engineer Regiments (Army Reserve) 3 Fd Sqn, 9 CER Warradale, SA
  13 Fd Sqn, 13 CER Karrakatta, WA
  35 Fd Sqn, 11 CER Mount Isa, Qld
2 Construction Squadrons 17 Const Sqn Holsworthy, NSW
  21 Const Sqn Enoggera, Qld
1 Chief Engineer Works (Integrated) 19 CE Wks Randwick, NSW
1 Topographic Survey Squadron (Integrated) 1 Topo Svy Sqn Enoggera, Qld
1 Joint Support Unit (Integrated) 1 JSU Enoggera, Qld
2 Signal Regiments (1 Army Reserve) 7 Sig Regt Cabarlah, Qld
  8 Sig Regt Randwick, NSW
3 Independent Signal Squadrons (2 Integrated) 110 Sig Sqn Paddington, NSW
  130 Sig Sqn Holsworthy, NSW
  145 Sig Sqn Holsworthy, NSW
19 Infantry Battalions (13 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) 1 RAR Townsville, Qld
  2 RAR Townsville, Qld
  3 RAR Holsworthy, NSW
  5/7 RAR Palmerston, NT
  6 RAR Enoggera, Qld
  9 RQR Enoggera, Qld
  25/49 RQR Enoggera, Qld
  31 RQR Townsville, Qld
  42 RQR Rockhampton, Qld
  1/19 RNSWR Orange, NSW
  2/17 RNSWR Pymble, NSW
  4/3 RNSWR Holsworthy, NSW
  41 RNSWR Lismore, NSW
  5/6 RVR Hawthorn, Vic
  8/7 RVR Ballarat, Vic
  10/27 RSAR Keswick, SA
  11/28 RWAR Karrakatta, WA
  16 RWAR Karrakatta, WA
  12/40 RTR Glenorchy, Tas
Formation/unit Designation Location
3 Regional Force Surveillance Units(Army Reserve) Norforce Larrakeyah, NT
  Pilbara Regt Karratha, WA
  51 FNQR Cairns, Qld
1 Aviation Brigade 16 Bde (Avn) Enoggera, Qld
2 Aviation Regiments 1 Avn Regt Palmerston, NT
  5 Avn Regt Townsville, Qld
2 Independent Avn Sqns 171 Avn Sqn Townsville, Qld
  173 Survl Sqn Oakey, Qld
1 Intelligence Battalion (Integrated) 1 Int Bn Paddington, NSW
9 Combat Service Support Battalions (CSSB)(6 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) 1 CSSB Palmerston, NT
  3 CSSB Townsville, Qld
  4 CSSB Broadmeadows, Vic
  5 CSSB Banksmeadow, NSW
  7 CSSB Enoggera, Qld
  8 CSSB Dundas, NSW
  9 CSSB Warradale, SA
  11 CSSB Townsville, Qld
  13 CSSB Karrakatta, WA
3 Force Support Battalions (2 Integrated) 2 FSB Glenorchy, Tas
  9 FSB Randwick, NSW
  10 FSB Ross Island, Qld
1 Force Support Group HQ FSG Randwick, NSW
3 Ships Army Detachment (SAD) SAD HMAS Tobruk Garden Island, NSW
  SAD HMAS Manoora Garden Island, NSW
  SAD HMAS Kanimbla Garden Island, NSW
3 Health Support Battalions (HSB)(1 Army Reserve, 2 Integrated) 1 HSB Holsworthy, NSW
  2 HSB Enoggera, Qld
  3 HSB Keswick, SA
1 Petroleum Company (Army Reserve) 1 Petr Coy Oakleigh South, Vic
1 Recovery Company (Army Reserve) 3 Recov Coy Dandenong, Vic
1 Military Police Battalion (Integrated) 1 MP Bn Paddington, NSW
1 Psychology Unit 1 Psych Unit Randwick, NSW
1 Deployed Forces Support Unit (Integrated) DFSU Randwick, NSW
Individual Training
Headquarters Training Command HQ TC-A Paddington, NSW
Headquarters Royal Military College of Australia HQ RMC-A Canberra, ACT
Royal Military College RMC Canberra, ACT
Army Logistic Training Centre ALTC Bandiana, Vic
Army Recruit Training Centre ARTC Kapooka, NSW
Parachute Training School PTS Nowra, NSW
Combat Arms Training Centre CATC Puckapunyal, Vic
Special Forces Training Centre (part of Special Ops) SFTC Singleton, NSW
Army Aviation Training Centre AAVNTC Oakey, Qld
Defence Intelligence Training Centre DINTTC Canungra, Qld
Training Technology Centre TTC Sydney, NSW
Defence Police Training Centre (Integrated) DPTC Holsworthy, NSW
Joint Telecommunications School (Integrated) JTS Cabarlah, Qld
Land Warfare Development Centre LWDC Puckapunyal, Vic
Headquarters Regional Training Centres HQ RTC Canungra, Qld
Command Staff and Operations Training Centre (Integrated) CS&OTC Canungra, Qld
8 Land Warfare Centres (LWC) (7 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) LWC (NSW) Moorebank, NSW
  LWC (VIC) Macleod, Vic
  LWC (SA) Greenacres, SA
  LWC (WA) East Fremantle, WA
  LWC (TAS) Hobart, Tas
  LWC (NT) Palmerston, NT
  LWC (SQ) Enoggera, Qld
  LWC (NQ) Townsville, Qld
7 Tertiary Institution Training Units (Army Reserve) QUR St Lucia, Qld
  SUR Darlington, NSW
  UNSWR Kensington, NSW
  MUR Carlton, Vic
  MON UR Mt Waverley, Vic
  AUR Adelaide, SA
  WAUR Fremantle, WA
Defence Force School of Signals DFSS Macleod, Vic
Defence Force School of Music DFS of Music MacLeod, Vic
12 Army Bands (6 Army Reserve) AAB (B) Enoggera, Qld
  AAB (S) Paddington, NSW
  AAB (N) Adamstown, NSW
  RACT Pipes and Drums Adamstown, NSW
  AAB (K) Kapooka, NSW
  AAB (M) Macleod, Vic
  AAB (A) Warradale, SA
  AAB (P) Karrakatta, WA
  AAB (T) Hobart, Tas
  AAPD (P) Karrakatta, WA
  AAB (D) Berrima, NT
  RMC Band Canberra, ACT
Formation/unit Designation Location
Royal Australian Air Force
Name Location
Air Force Headquarters Canberra, ACT
Formation/unit Designation Location
Air Force Headquarters AFHQ Canberra, ACT
Directorate General of Technical Airworthiness—ADF DGTA-ADF Laverton, Vic
Directorate of Air Force Safety/Directorate of Flying Safety—ADF DAFS/DFS-ADF Canberra, ACT
Airworthiness Coordination and Policy Agency—ADF ACPA-AF Canberra, ACT
Air Power Development Centre APDC Canberra, ACT
RAAF Aeronautical Information Services Agency AIS-AF Melbourne, Vic
Joint Centre for Airspace Management JCAM Canberra, ACT
Infrastructure Development Agency IDA Canberra, ACT
Directorate of Security and Policing—Air Force DSP-AF Canberra, ACT
Management Services Agency MSA Canberra, ACT
Air Command
Headquarters Air Command HQAC Glenbrook, NSW
Headquarters Aerospace Operational Support Group HQ AOSG Edinburgh, SA
Information Warfare Units IW WG Edinburgh, SA
Intelligence Squadron 87SQN Edinburgh, SA
Test and Evaluation Wing Operation T&E WG OPS Edinburgh, SA
Aerospace Systems Test Squadron AOSGASTSQN Edinburgh, SA
Aerospace Systems Engineering Squadron AOSGASESQN Edinburgh, SA
Aircraft Stores Compatibility Engineering Agency AOSG-ASCEA Edinburgh, SA
Joint Electronic Warfare Unit JEWOSU Edinburgh, SA
Aeronautical Information Services AIS-AF Edinburgh, SA
Information Operations Squadron 462SQN Edinburgh, SA
RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine AVMED Edinburgh, SA
Woomera Test Facility WTF Edinburgh/ Woomera, SA
Headquarters Air Combat Group HQACG Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 82 Wing HQ82 WG Amberley, Qld
2 x Strike and Reconnaissance squadrons 1 SQN Amberley, Qld
  6 SQN Amberley, Qld
Forward Area Control Development Unit FACDU Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 81 Wing HQ 81 WG Williamtown, NSW
3 x Tactical fighter squadrons 3 SQN Williamtown, NSW
  75 SQN Tindal, NT
  77 SQN Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 78 Wing HQ 78 WG Williamtown, NSW
Tactical Fighter Operational Conversion unit 2OCU Williamtown, NSW
2 x Lead-in Fighter Training Squadron 76 SQN Williamtown, NSW
  79 SQN Pearce, WA
Tactical Fighter Training Squadron 278 SQN Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters Surveillance and Response Group HQSRG Williamtown, NSW
Surveillance and Control Squadron 2 SQN Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 44 Wing HQ 44 WG Williamtown, NSW
11 Air traffic control (ATC) Detachments ATC DET AMB Amberley, Qld
  ATC DET DAR Darwin, NT
  ATC DET ESL East Sale, Vic
  ATC DET EDN Edinburgh, SA
  ATC DET OAK Oakey, Qld
  ATC DET PEA Pearce, WA
  ATC DET RIC Richmond, NSW
  ATC DET TDL Tindal, NT
  ATC DET TVL Townsville, Qld
  ATC DET WLM Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 41 Wing HQ41 WG Williamtown, NSW
Radar surveillance unit 1RSU Edinburgh, SA
Mobile Control and Reporting unit 114MCRU Darwin, NT
Control and Reporting unit 3 CRU Williamtown, NSW
Surveillance and Control Training unit SACTU Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 92 Wing HQ92 WG Edinburgh, SA
2 x Maritime Patrol Squadrons 10 SQN Edinburgh, SA
  11 SQN Edinburgh, SA
Operational Conversion Squadron 292 SQN Edinburgh, SA
No 92 Wing Detachment 92WG DET A Butterworth, Malaysia
Headquarters Air Lift Group HQALG Richmond, NSW
Air Mobility Control Centre AMCC Richmond, NSW
Headquarters No 84 Wing HQ 84 WG Richmond, NSW
Long-range transport squadron 33 SQN Richmond, NSW
VIP Transport Squadron 34 SQN Canberra, ACT
Air Movements Training and Development Unit AMTDU Richmond, NSW
Transport Training Squadron 285 SQN Richmond, NSW
Headquarters No 86 Wing HQ86WG Richmond, NSW
2 x Medium Lift Transportation Squadrons 36 SQN Richmond, NSW
  37 SQN Richmond, NSW
Light Transport Squadron and Detachment 38 SQN Amberley, Qld
  38 SQN DET B Townsville, Qld
Air Command Band ACBAND Richmond, NSW
Headquarters Combat Support Group HQCSG Amberley, Qld
5 x Combat support units CSU AMB Amberley, Qld
  CSU WLM Williamtown, NSW
  CSU EDN Edinburgh, SA
  CSU RIC Richmond, NSW
  CSU GBK Glenbrook NSW
Headquarters No 395 Expeditionary Combat Support Wing HQ395ECSW Townsville, Qld
3 x Expeditionary combat support squadrons 381ECSS Williamtown, NSW
  382ECSS Amberley, Qld
  386ECSS Richmond, NSW
Combat Communications Squadron 1 CCS Richmond, NSW
Combat Logistics Squadron 1 CLS Townsville, Qld
Headquarters Air Terminal Squadron HQ1ATS Richmond, NSW
7 x Air Terminal Detachments 1ATSDETRIC Richmond, NSW
  1ATSDETWIL Williamtown, NSW
  1ATSDETAMB Amberley, Qld
  1ATSDETTVL Townsville, Qld
Headquarters No 396 Combat Support Wing HQ396CSW Darwin, NT
4 x Combat Support Squadrons 321CSS Darwin, NT
  322CSS Tindal, NT
  323 CSS Townsville, QLD
  324 CSS Butterworth, Malaysia
3 x Military airfields (bare bases) RAAF Learmonth Learmonth, WA
  RAAF Curtin Curtin, WA
  RAAF Scherger Scherger, Qld
Headquarters Air Field Defence Wing AFDW Amberley, QLD
3 x Air Field Defence Squadrons 1AFDS Amberley, QLD
  2AFDS Edinburgh, SA
  3AFDS Amberley, QLD
Headquarters Health Services Wing HQ HSW Amberley, QLD
2 x Air Transportable Health Squadrons 1ATHS Amberley QLD
  2ATHS Williamtowm, NSW
Combat Support Hospital 3CSH Richmond, NSW
Headquarters Air Force Training Group HQAFTG Laverton, Vic
Headquarters Air Training Wing HQ ATW East Sale, Vic
Australian Defence Force Basic Flying Training School ADFBFTS Tamworth, NSW
2 x Flying Training School CFS East Sale, Vic
  2FTS Pearce, WA
School of Air Navigation SAN East Sale, Vic
School of Air Traffic Control SATC East Sale, Vic
Combat Survival Training School CSTS Townsville, QLD
Navigation Training Squadron 32 SQN East Sale, Vic
Combat Support Unit East Sale CSUESL East Sale, Vic
Headquarters Ground Training Wing HQ GTW Wagga, Wagga, NSW
RAAF School of Technical Training RAAFSTT Wagga Wagga, NSW
RAAF School of Administration and Logistic Training RAAFSALT Wagga Wagga, NSW
RAAF Security and Fire School RAAFSFS Amberley,QLD
ADF School of Languages ADFLANGS Laverton, Vic
Defence International Training Centre DITC Laverton, Vic
Defence Explosive Training School DEOTS Orchard Hills, NSW
RAAF College RAAFCOL Point Cook, Vic
Offers' Training School OTS Point Cook, Vic
Recruit Training Unit 1RTU Edinburgh, SA
School of Post-Graduate Studies SPS Wagga Wagga, NSW, Laverton, Vic
Central Band Central Band Laverton, Vic
Museum RAAF Museum Point Cook, Vic
3 x Combat Support Units CSU WIL Laverton, Vic
  CSU PEA Pearce, WA
  CSUWAG Wagga Wagga, NSW
Headquarters, Reserve Training Wing RTW Amberley, QLD
10 Reserve Squadrons 13 Sqn Darwin, NT
  21 Sqn Laverton, Vic
  22 Sqn Richmond, NSW
  23 Sqn Amberley, Qld
  24 Sqn Edinburgh, SA
  25 Sqn Pearce, WA
  26 Sqn Williamtown, NSW
  27 Sqn Townsville, Qld
  28 Sqn Canberra, ACT
  29 Sqn Hobart, TAS

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