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This section contains additional detailed information, further to that contained in the hardcopy of the Defence Annual Report 2005–06.

Group Contributions

Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group

The Vice Chief of the Defence Force is both a Group Head and the Chief of Joint Operations. In this role, he commands ADF operations on behalf of the Chief of the Defence Force, and he acts as Chief of the Defence Force whenever the Chief of the Defence Force is absent from duty.

The Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group includes both the Joint Operations Command (which delivers Outcome 1: Command of Operations which is outlined in Chapter 2—Outcome Performance) and a number of support functions.

Support elements of the Group include:

  • Joint Logistics Command—responsible for planning and managing logistics support to the Service groups and to ADF operations and exercises, for the operation of the ADF physical logistics network and for strategic logistics;
  • Reserve Policy Division—provides advice to the Chief of the Defence Force on matters concerning Reserve personnel, and assists with the coordination of single-service Reserve non-operational activities;
  • Cadet Policy Division—develops strategies to improve the experiences provided by ADF cadet program and to encourage cadets to join the ADF;
  • The ADF Parliamentary Program—aims to provide parliamentarians with a rewarding, memorable and educational experience with the ADF, and so enable them to contribute to debate on defence and national security issues in an informed and constructive manner; and
  • The National Welfare Coordination Centre—provides welfare and family support to personnel deployed on, and in support of, operations who are away from their home, including visitors and Defence civilians.


The total budget for the support function of Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group in 2005–06 was $259.6m, consisting of $2.4m capital budget and $257.2m operating budget (of which $18.4m was managed on behalf of the portfolio).

As at 30 June 2006, the support functions of the Group had 412 military personnel and 774 Australian Public Service staff.

Key Achievements for 2005–06

During 2005–06, the support elements of the Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group:

  • implemented arrangements for the transition of Joint Logistics Command to form a separate, directly accountable Group—Joint Logistics Group—from July 2006, reporting directly to the Chief of the Defence Force and the Secretary;
  • provided logistic support to operations in the Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and humanitarian assistance in Pakistan, in addition to ongoing operations in the Middle East;
  • concluded a range of international logistic support arrangements in support of current and anticipated operations;
  • continued to consolidate the provision of contracted logistics support to Defence;
  • further implemented Stocktake Remediation Project initiatives, including the endorsement of the Defence Logistics Compliance and Assurance Framework;
  • provided welfare and family support assistance to 12,042 ADF families;
  • completed amendments to the Cadet Forces Regulations 1977 to clearly define the responsibilities of Defence, Cadet staff and Cadets;
  • engaged an expert in the "human rights of the child" to provide advice and guidance to ensure the ADF Cadets comply with all relevant legislation including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; and
  • completed the Reserve Remuneration Review in September 2005. The report was considered by Defence and recommendations were agreed by the Government and announced as part of the 2006 Budget. The key outcomes were:
    • Provision of a $5,000 per year completion bonus for the newly established Army and Air Force High Readiness Reserves, together with a $2,500 per year Health Support Allowance to assist High Readiness Reservists in maintaining deployable medical standards.
    • Provision of a $600 per year Health Support Allowance for Active Reservists to help in meeting Service directed minimum health and fitness standards.
    • Provision of a $10 per day Reserve Service Allowance for all Reserves up to, and including, the rank of Major (and equivalents).
    • Higher daily rates of pay, based on work value, for all Reservists who meet the full Permanent Force competencies.

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