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Chapter 5

DMO People

This chapter provides a summary of personnel initiatives for 2005–06 and a summary of the DMO workforce including personnel numbers, people priorities and initiatives, Workplace Health and Safety, and Performance Pay.

DMO People Strategy

During 2005–06, the DMO faced a number of challenges in developing and retaining the skilled workforce it needs. In particular, the DMO faced:

  • labour shortages (by skill and region) within the Australian workforce;
  • fierce competition for skilled labour, in the Australian workforce generally and in the defence industry sector in particular;
  • the increasing mobility of the Australian workforce (with changing expectations relating to work and careers); and
  • image and reputation—related to adverse media coverage.

Despite facing these challenges, separation rates declined and recruitment outcomes improved, resulting in a net positive change in workforce numbers.

DMO People Strategy

The DMO's strategy to address these challenges was to enhance the attractiveness of its employment offer, compared to other employers. The following elements contributed:

  • the quality, complexity, scale and diversity of the work and opportunities in the DMO.
  • opportunities for involvement in massive projects of national and strategic significance.
  • opportunities for access and exposure to senior political, commercial and bureaucratic levels.
  • opportunities for development, training and diversification of skills, in a variety of work environments.
  • the opportunity for a long-term and rewarding career.
  • remuneration and conditions of service (including financial and lifestyle factors).
  • opportunity for mobility within the DMO, including interstate and overseas postings and secondments.
  • improving corporate image and reputation of the DMO.

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