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ADF Units and Establishments

Table 7.21
ADF Units and Establishments
Royal Australian Air Force
Name Location
Air Force Headquarters Canberra, ACT
Formation/unit Designation Location
Air Force Headquarters AFHQ Canberra, ACT
Directorate General of Technical Airworthiness - ADF DGTA-ADF Laverton, Vic
Directorate of Air Force Safety / Directorate of
Flying Safety - ADF
DAFS / DFS-ADF Canberra, ACT
Airworthiness Coordination and Policy Agency - ADF ACPA-AF Canberra, ACT
Air Power Development Centre APDC Tuggeranong, ACT
RAAF Aeronautical Information Services Agency AIS-AF Melbourne, Vic
Joint Centre for Airspace Management JCAM Canberra, ACT
Infrastructure Development Agency IDA Canberra, ACT
Directorate of Security and Policing - Air Force DSP-AF Canberra, ACT
Management Services Agency MSA Canberra, ACT
Air Command
Headquarters Air Command HQAC Glenbrook, NSW
Information Operations Squadron IOSQN Canberra, ACT
Aerospace Operational Support Group AOSG Edinburgh, SA
Headquarters Air Combat Group HQACG Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 82 Wing HQ82 Wing Amberley, Qld
2 Strike and reconnaissance squadrons 1 Sqn Amberley, Qld
6 Sqn Amberley, Qld
Forward Area Control Development Unit FACDU Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 81 Wing HQ81 Wing Williamtown, NSW
3 Tactical fighter squadrons 3 Sqn Williamtown, NSW
75 Sqn Tindal, NT
77 Sqn Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 78 Wing HQ78 Wing Williamtown, NSW
1 Tactical fighter operational conversion unit 2OCU Williamtown, NSW
1 Lead-in fighter training squadron 76 Sqn Williamtown, NSW
No 79 Squadron 79 Sqn Pearce, WA
No 278 Squadron 278 Squadron Williamtown, NSW
3 No 278 Squadron Detachments 278 Sqn DET TDL Tindal, NT
278 DET AMB Amberley, Qld
278 DET PEA Pearce, WA
Headquarters Surveillance and Response Group HQSRG Williamtown, NSW
Support Flight ADGE and ATC Williamtown, NSW
1 Surveillance and control squadron 2 Sqn Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 44 Wing HQ44 Wing Williamtown, NSW
11 Air traffic control (ATC) flights ATC DET AMB Amberley, Qld
ATC DET ESL East Sale, Vic
ATC DET EDN Edinburgh, SA
ATC DET OAK Oakey, Qld
ATC DET TVL Townsville, Qld
ATC DET WLM Williamtown, NSW
Headquarters No 41 Wing HQ41 Wing Williamtown, NSW
1 Radar surveillance unit 1RSU Edinburgh, SA
1 Mobile control and reporting unit 114MCRU Darwin, NT
1 Mobile control and reporting unit detachment 114MCRU DET TDL Tindal, NT
1 Control and reporting unit 3 CRU Williamtown, NSW
1 Surveillance and control training unit SACTU Williamtown, NSW
2 Maritime patrol squadrons 10 Sqn Edinburgh, SA
11 Sqn Edinburgh, SA
1 Operational conversion squadron 292 Sqn Edinburgh, SA
No 92 Wing Detachment A 92WG Det A Butterworth, Malaysia
Headquarters Air Lift Group HQALG Richmond, NSW
Headquarters No 84 Wing HQ84 Wing Richmond, NSW
1 Long-range transport squadron 33 Sqn Richmond, NSW
2 Special transport squadrons 34 Sqn Fairbairn, ACT
32 Sqn East Sale, Vic
Headquarters No 85 Wing HQ85 Wing Richmond, NSW
1 Air movements training and development unit AMTDU Richmond, NSW
No 285 Squadron 285 Sqn Richmond, NSW
Headquarters No 86 Wing HQ86 Wing Richmond, NSW
2 Medium lift transportation squadrons 36 Sqn Richmond, NSW
37 Sqn Richmond, NSW
No 38 Squadron 38 Sqn Amberley, Qld
No 38 Squadron Detachment B 28 Sqn Det B Townsville, Qld
Air Command Band ACBAND Richmond, NSW
Headquarters Combat Support Group HQCSG Amberley, Qld
4 Combat support units (CSU) CSU AMB Amberley, Qld
CSU WLM Williamtown, NSW
CSU EDN Edinburgh, SA
CSU RIC Richmond, NSW
Headquarters No 395 Expeditionary Combat Support Wing HQ395ECSW Townsville, Qld
4 Expeditionary combat support squadrons (ECSS) 381ECSS Williamtown, NSW
382ECSS Amberley, Qld
383ECSS Amberley, Qld
386ECSS Richmond, NSW
1 Combat communications squadron 1 CCS Richmond, NSW
1 Combat logistics squadron 1 CLS Townsville, Qld
Headquarters Air Terminal Squadron HQ1ATS Richmond, NSW
7 Air terminal squadrons 1ATSDETRIC Richmond, NSW
1ATSDETWIL Williamtown, NSW
1ATSDETAMB Amberley, Qld
1ATSDETTVL Townsville, Qld
Headquarters No 396 Combat Support Wing HQ396CSW Darwin, NT
4 combat support squadrons 321CSS Darwin, NT
322CSS Tindal, NT
323CSS Townsville, Qld
324CSS Butterworth, Malaysia
3 Military airfields (bare bases) RAAF Learmonth Learmonth, WA
RAAF Curtin Curtin, WA
RAAF Scherger Scherger, Qld
No 13 Squadron 13 Sqn Darwin, NT
No 21 Squadron 21 Sqn Laverton, Vic
No 22 Squadron 22 Sqn Richmond, NSW
No 23 Squadron 23 Sqn Amberley, Qld
No 24 Squadron 24 Sqn Edinburgh, SA
No 25 Squadron 25 Sqn Pearce, WA
No 26 Squadron 26 Sqn Williamtown, NSW
No 27 Squadron 27 Sqn Townsville, Qld
No 28 Squadron 28 Sqn Fairbairn, ACT
No 29 Squadron 29 Sqn Hobart, Tas
Training Command
Headquarters Training Command HQTC Laverton, Vic
Air Training Wing ATW East Sale, Vic
Australian Defence Force Basic Flying Training School ADFBFTS Tamworth, NSW
No 2 Flying Training School 2FTS Pearce, WA
Central Flying School CFS East Sale, Vic
School of Air Navigation SAN East Sale, Vic
School of Air Traffic Control SATC East Sale, Vic
Combat Survival Training School CSTS Townsville, Qld
RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine AVMED Edinburgh, SA
Combat Support Unit East Sale CSU ESL East Sale, Vic
RAAF College RAAFCOL Point Cook, Vic
Officers' Training School OTS Point Cook, Vic
No 1 Recruit Training Unit 1 RTU Edinburgh, SA
School of Post-Graduate Studies SPS Wagga Wagga, NSW
Ground Training Wing GTW Wagga Wagga, NSW
RAAF School of Technical Training RAAFSTT Wagga Wagga, NSW
RAAF Security and Fire School RAAFSFS Amberley, Qld
ADF School of Languages ADFLANGS Laverton, Vic
Defence International Training Centre DITC Laverton, Vic
Combat Support Unit Wagga CSUWAG Wagga Wagga, NSW
Health Services Training Flight HSTF(LAV) Laverton, Vic
Combat Support Unit Williams CSUWIL Laverton, Vic
Central Band Central Band Laverton, Vic
Museum RAAF Museum Point Cook, Vic
Combat Support Unit Pearce CSUPEA Pearce, WA
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