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ADF Units and Establishments

Table 7.21
ADF Units and Establishments
Australian Army
Name Location
Army Headquarters Canberra, ACT
Formation/unit Designation Location
1 Army Headquarters AHQ Canberra, ACT
1 Aviation Support Group Workshop Avn Spt Gp Wksp Oakey, Qld
1 Land Warfare Studies Centre LWSC Duntroon, ACT
1 Army History Unit AHU Campbell, ACT
1 Army Financial Services Unit (Army Reserve) AFSU Campbell, ACT
1 Australia's Federation Guard AFG Campbell, ACT
1 Directorate of Officer Career Management - Army DOCM-A Russell, ACT
1 Soldier Career Management Agency SCMA Queenscliff, Vic
1 Directorate of Reserve Career Management - Army DRCM-A Russell, ACT
8 Regional Cadet Units HQ NTH QLD AAC BDE Townsville, QLD
HQ SA AAC BDE Hampstead Gardens, SA
HQ WA AAC BDE Fremantle, WA
HQ TAS AAC BN Glenorchy, Tas
HQ NT AAC BN Palmerston, NT
1 Australian Army Cadets AAC Canberra, ACT
Combat Forces
1 Land Headquarters LHQ Paddington, NSW
1 Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (Integrated) DJFHQ Enoggera, NSW
1 Divisional Headquarters (Army Reserve) HQ 2 Div Randwick, NSW
9 Brigade Headquarters (6 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) HQ 1 Bde Palmerston, NT
HQ 3 Bde Townsville, Qld
HQ 4 Bde Macleod, Vic
HQ 5 Bde Holsworthy, NSW
HQ 7 Bde Enoggera, Qld
HQ 8 Bde Dundas, NSW
HQ 9 Bde Keswick, SA
HQ 11 Bde Townsville, Qld
HQ 13 Bde Karrakatta, WA
1 Special Operations Headquarters SO HQ Canberra, ACT /
Garden Island, NSW
2 Commando Battalions 1 Cdo Regt Randwick, NSW
4 RAR (Cdo) Holsworthy, NSW
1 Special Air Service Regiment SASR Swanbourne, WA
1 Incident Response Regiment IRR Holsworthy, NSW
1 Special Operations Combat Service Support Company SO CSSC Holsworthy, NSW
1 Logistic Support Force Headquarters (Integrated) HQ LSF Randwick, NSW
1 Ground Liaison Group (Integrated) 1 GL GP Glenbrook, NSW
1 Combat Training Centre CTC Lavarack, Qld
1 Armoured Regiment (Integrated) 1 Armd Regt Palmerston, NT
4 Reconnaissance Regiments
(1 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated)
2 Cav Regt Palmerston, NT
1/15 RNSWL Parramatta, NSW
4/19 PWLH Macleod, Vic
2/14 LHR Enoggera, Qld
1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment (Army Reserve) 12/16 HRL Tamworth, NSW
1 Independent Reconnaissance Squadron (Army Reserve) A Sqn 10 LH Karrakatta, WA
2 Independent Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadrons(1 Army Reserve) B Sqn 3/4 Cav Regt (APC) Townsville, Qld
3/9 LH (SAMR) Smithfield, SA
1 Medium Artillery Regiment 8/12 Mdm Regt Palmerston, NT
6 Field Artillery Regiments (4 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated) 1 Fd Regt Enoggera, Qld
4 Fd Regt Townsville, Qld /
Holsworthy, NSW
2/10 Fd Regt St Kilda, Vic
7 Fd Regt Pymble, NSW
23 Fd Regt Kogarah, NSW
6/13 Fd Regt Keswick, SA
1 Air Defence Regiment (Integrated) 16 AD Regt Woodside, SA
4 Independent Field Artillery Batteries (3 Army Reserve) 7 Fd Bty 3 Fd Regt Karrakatta, WA
16 Fd Bty Launceston, Tas
48 Fd Bty Keswick, SA
A Fd Bty Holsworthy, NSW
1 Locating Battery (Integrated) 131 STA Bty Enoggera, Qld
6 Combat Engineer Regiments (CER)
(3 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated)
1 CER Palmerston, NT
2 CER Enoggera, Qld
3 CER Townsville, Qld
4 CER Ringwood East, Vic
5 CER Penrith, NSW
8 CER Adamstown, NSW
9 Command Support Regiments (CSR)
(6 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated)
1 CSR Palmerston, NT
3 CSR Lavarack, Qld
108 Sig Sqn (4 CSR) Macleod, Vic
142 Sig Sqn (5 CSR) Liverpool, NSW
7 CSR Enoggera, Qld
155 Sig Sqn (8 CSR) Dundas, NSW
144 Sig Sqn (9 CSR) Keswick, SA
11 CSR Townsville, Qld
109 Sig Sqn (13 CSR) Karrakatta, WA
1 Headquarters Engineer Support Regiment HQ 6 ESR Enoggera, Qld
2 Construction Regiments (Army Reserve) 21 Const Regt Holsworthy, NSW
22 Const Regt Oakleigh South, Vic
3 Field Engineer Squadrons, Combat Engineer Regiments (Army Reserve) 3 Fd Sqn, 9 CER Warradale, SA
13 Fd Sqn, 13 CER Karrakatta, WA
35 Fd Sqn, 11 CER Mount Isa, Qld
2 Construction Squadrons 17 Const Sqn Holsworthy, NSW
21 Const Sqn Enoggera, Qld
1 Chief Engineer Works (Integrated) 19 CE Wks Randwick, NSW
1 Topographic Survey Squadron (Integrated) 1 Topo Svy Sqn Enoggera, Qld
1 Joint Support Unit (Integrated) 1 JSU Enoggera, Qld
2 Signal Regiments (1 Army Reserve) 7 Sig Regt Cabarlah, Qld
8 Sig Regt Randwick, NSW
3 Independent Signal Squadrons (2 Integrated) 110 Sig Sqn Paddington, NSW
130 Sig Sqn Liverpool, NSW
145 Sig Sqn Liverpool, NSW
19 Infantry Battalions
(13 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated)
1 RAR Townsville, Qld
2 RAR Townsville, Qld
3 RAR Holsworthy, NSW
5/7 RAR Palmerston, NT
6 RAR Enoggera, Qld
9 RQR Enoggera, Qld
25/49 RQR Enoggera, Qld
31 RQR Townsville, Qld
42 RQR Rockhampton, Qld
1/19 RNSWR Orange, NSW
2/17 RNSWR Pymble, NSW
4/3 RNSWR Holsworthy, NSW
41 RNSWR Lismore, NSW
5/6 RVR Hawthorn, Vic
8/7 RVR Ballarat, Vic
10/27 RSAR Keswick, SA
11/28 RWAR Karrakatta, WA
16 RWAR Karrakatta, WA
12/40 RTR Glenorchy, Tas
3 Regional Force Surveillance Units (Army Reserve) Norforce Larrakeyah, NT
Pilbara Regt Karratha, WA
51 FNQR Cairns, Qld
1 Aviation Brigade 16 Bde (Avn) Enoggera, Qld
2 Aviation Regiments 1 Avn Regt Palmerston, NT
5 Avn Regt Townsville, Qld
2 Independent Avn Sqns 171 Avn Sqn Townsville, Qld
173 Survl Sqn Oakey, Qld
1 Intelligence Battalion (Integrated) 1 Int Bn Paddington, NSW
9 Combat Service Support Battalions (CSSB)
(6 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated)
1 CSSB Palmerston, NT
3 CSSB Townsville, Qld
4 CSSB Broadmeadows, Vic
5 CSSB Banksmeadow, NSW
7 CSSB Enoggera, Qld
8 CSSB Dundas, NSW
9 CSSB Warradale, SA
11 CSSB Townsville, Qld
13 CSSB Karrakatta, WA
3 Force Support Battalions (2 Integrated) 2 FSB Glenorchy, Tas
9 FSB Randwick, NSW
10 FSB Ross Island, Qld
1 Force Support Group HQ FSG Randwick, NSW
3 Ships Army Detachment (SAD) SAD HMAS Tobruk Garden Island, NSW
SAD HMAS Manoora Garden Island, NSW
SAD HMAS Kanimbla Garden Island, NSW
3 Health Support Battalions (HSB)
(1 Army Reserve, 2 Integrated)
1 HSB Holsworthy, NSW
2 HSB Enoggera, Qld
3 HSB Keswick, SA
1 Petroleum Company (Army Reserve) 1 Petr Coy Oakleigh South, Vic
1 Recovery Company (Army Reserve) 3 Recov Coy Dandenong, Vic
1 Military Police Battalion (Integrated) 1 MP Bn Paddington, NSW
1 Psychology Unit 1 Psych Unit Randwick, NSW
1 Deployed Forces Support Unit (Integrated) DFSU Randwick, NSW
Individual Training
Headquarters Training Command HQ TC-A Paddington, NSW
Headquarters Royal Military College of Australia HQ RMC-A Duntroon, ACT
Royal Military College RMC Duntroon, ACT
Army Logistic Training Centre ALTC Bandiana, Vic
Army Recruit Training Centre ARTC Kapooka, NSW
Parachute Training School PTS Nowra, NSW
Combat Arms Training Centre CATC Puckapunyal, Vic
Special Forces Training Centre (part of Special Ops) SFTC Singleton, NSW
Army Aviation Training Centre AAVNTC Oakey, Qld
Defence Intelligence Training Centre DINTTC Canungra, Qld
Training Technology Centre TTC Sydney, NSW
Defence Police Training Centre (Integrated) DPTC Holsworthy, NSW
Joint Telecommunications School (Integrated) JTS Cabarlah, Qld
Land Warfare Development Centre LWDC Puckapunyal, Vic
Headquarters Regional Training Centres HQ RTC Canungra, Qld
Command Staff and Operations Training Centre (Integrated) CS&OTC Canungra, Qld
8 Regional Training Centres (RTC)
(7 Army Reserve, 1 Integrated)
RTC (NSW) Moorebank, NSW
RTC (VIC) Macleod, Vic
RTC (SA) Greenacres, SA
RTC (WA) East Fremantle, WA
RTC (TAS) Hobart, Tas
RTC (NT) Palmerston, NT
RTC (SQ) Enoggera, Qld
RTC (NQ) Townsville, Qld
7 Tertiary Institution Training Units
(Army Reserve)
QUR St Lucia, Qld
SUR Darlington, NSW
UNSWR Kensington, NSW
MUR Carlton, Vic
MON UR Mt Waverley, Vic
AUR Adelaide, SA
WAUR Fremantle, WA
Defence Force School of Signals DFSS Macleod, Vic
Defence Force School of Music DFS of Music Macleod, Vic
12 Army Bands (6 Army Reserve) AAB (B) Enoggera, Qld
AAB (S) Paddington, NSW
AAB (N) Adamstown, NSW
RACT Pipes and Drums Adamstown, NSW
AAB (K) Kapooka, NSW
AAB (M) Macleod, Vic
AAB (A) Warradale, SA
AAB (P) Karrakatta, WA
AAB (T) Hobart, Tas
AAPD (P) Karrakatta, WA
AAB (D) Larrakeyah, NT
RMC Band Duntroon, ACT
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