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Defence Service Charter

Performance in 2004-05

The Defence Service Charter remains available electronically on the internal and external Defence websites.

Copies of the service charter are made available to the public through the Defence Community Organisation, Defence Force Recruiting offices, and civilian recruitment areas.

Customer Feedback and Complaints

The Defence Service Charter provides the public with information on how to make a complaint or provide feedback, together with contact details. Members of the public are encouraged to phone or write, in the first instance, to the relevant area of Defence or the supervisor of the area, and then if necessary, the Ministers or the Parliamentary Secretary, or their local Member of Parliament or Senator. There is also a dedicated email address In addition, members of the public can contact the Commonwealth and Defence Force Ombudsman.

Table 7.19 Complaints Made to Defence 2000-01 - 2004-05
  2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05
Number of complaints 745 691 490 659 755

Most complaints were resolved within the stated performance standard of 15 working days. Complaints of a more complex nature were generally resolved within 28 days. Some issues, because of their ongoing nature, remained unresolved. The most common complaints related to security clearance processes, lengthy administrative processes, honours and awards, aircraft noise, outcome of procurement processes and general personnel issues.

The most common compliments Groups received were for the overall level of Defence assistance to the civil community, especially in relation to ADF personnel attendance and displays at public/charity events, and the professional conduct of service men and women on operations.

Responsiveness to Ministerial Correspondence

For responsiveness to ministerial correspondence, see the statistics provided in Responsiveness to Ministers in the Coordination and Public Affairs Division information in Chapter 5 - Group Contributions.

Payment of Accounts

Defence has continued to focus on improving the efficiency and timeliness of its accounts payments process. The established indicator used to measure the performance of the process is the proportion of invoices paid within the payment terms (usually 30 days from receipt of a correct invoice and receipt of the goods or services). Defence is aiming to meet the government defined 'due date' performance level of 90 per cent of invoices paid on time .

A continued increase in the usage of the Defence Purchasing Card and the Defence Travel Card has resulted in improved transaction speed and efficiency during 2004-05. Further gains in efficiency are expected as the rollout of the travel card is completed, including more effective recovery of Goods and Services Tax paid on travel related accounts .

The implementation of the Invoice Scanning and Imaging System in late-2004 has also resulted in increased invoice processing through a significant reduction in manual intervention. In a graduated transition, the new centralised processing centres at Puckapunyal, Victoria and Edinburgh, South Australia have been taking on payment processes previously performed in regional processing centres managed by the Corporate Services and Infrastructure Group. Transition is intended to be completed by late-2005 with other group processing to be transferred thereafter. Receipt of invoices directly to these processing centres has improved the timeliness of payments .

Such initiatives have assisted in further improving the payment performance of Defence in 2004-05 and further improvement is expected in future as the initiatives are completed and take full effect. The table below shows Defence's payment performance and the improvement over the last three years.

Table 7.20 Accounts Paid by Due Date
  2002-03 2003-04 2004-05
Number of accounts paid 1,223,773 1,216,216 1,386,677
Accounts paid by due date 1,026,383 1,037,245 1,222,999
Percentage of accounts paid by due date (%) 83.9 85.3 88.2
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