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Advertising and Market Research

Table 7.10
Particulars of Payments by Group for Advertising and Market Research
Defence Personnel Executive
Army News 1,522 Advertising - Army News
LAM Agency Pty Ltd 384,737 Recruitment advertising production
Motivational Media Assemblies 50,000 Recruitment advertising - military
The Sydney Morning Herald 9,426 Recruitment advertising - civilian
The Weekend Australian 9,223 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Visual Jazz 43,282 Recruitment advertising - military
Young and Rubicam Melbourne 3,597,725 Recruitment advertising - military
Market Research
Emitch Pty Ltd 3,927 Market research into ADF recruitment strategies and production plans
Horizon Research K&GM Pty Ltd 139,554 Market research into recruitment strategies and production plans
Horizon Research K&GM Pty Ltd 45,979 Market research into Army Reserve consumer research
Horizon Research K&GM Pty Ltd 19,792 Research to assist recruitment software developments
Horizon Research K&GM Pty Ltd 34,420 Advertising - Army Reserve
Open Mind Research Group 44,892 Market research into the assessment of applicants for the Royal Military College
Open Mind Research Group 19,250 Market research for marine and electronics technician trades for the Navy
Open Mind Research Group 24,100 Market research into Army and Navy stewards
Woolcott Research Pty Ltd 244,745 Evaluation of the impact of Defence Force Recruiting's advertising
Media Advertising
Adelaide Advertiser 2,500 Recruitment advertising - graduate
Australian Financial Review 6,198 Recruitment advertising - graduate
Australasian Trade 1,420 Chief of the Defence Force/Secretary Scholarship advertising
Brisbane Courier Mail 3,737 Recruitment advertising - graduate
Executive Media 6,864 Advertising - ADF Reserves Yearbook
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 9,674 Tender notice
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 6,806 Advertising - Defence childcare services
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 2,156 Advertising - Military Communications Program
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 1,872 Advertising - Provision of the Australian Defence Force Academy Bookshop
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 8,955 Advertising - Defence Community Organisation
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 212,580 Recruitment advertising - civilian
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 1,561,686 Recruitment advertising - military
HMA Blaze Pty Ltd 12,125 Recruitment advertising - professional
Northern Defence Magazine 3,273 Advertising - Defence equity advice lines
Quick Copy Reproduction Services 1,655 Career Transition Assistance Scheme brochures
Showcase Publications 3,400 Advertising - Defence equity advice lines
Sydney Morning Herald 4,547 Recruitment advertising - graduate
The Age 3,360 Recruitment advertising - graduate
The Australian 22,893 Recruitment advertising - civilian
The Australian 5,635 Recruitment advertising - graduate
The Canberra Times 15,483 Recruitment advertising - civilian
The Canberra Times 1,412 Advertising - Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies Conference 2004
The Good Guides Group 6,525 Recruitment advertising - Graduate Development Program
The Melbourne Age 3,210 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Unimail Pty Ltd 5,500 Recruitment advertising - Graduate Development Program
Universal McCann 11,001,055 Recruitment advertising - military
Viewpoint Journal 2,370 Recruitment advertising - civilian
West Australian 3,318 Recruitment advertising - graduate
Total Defence Personnel Executive 17,592,783  
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