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Defence engages consultants where it lacks specialist expertise or when independent assessments are required. Consultants investigate assigned problems under limited direction or supervision and provide recommendations or options for management decisions.

The process for selecting consultants is consistent with Defence's procurement policies and the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines. Selection methods are as follows:

Methods of Selection
Open Tender A procurement procedure in which a request for tender is published inviting all businesses that satisfy the conditions for participation to submit tenders.
Select Tender A procurement procedure in which the procuring agency selects which potential suppliers are invited to submit tenders in accordance with the mandatory procurement procedures.
Direct Sourcing A procurement process, available only under certain defined circumstances, in which an agency may contact a single potential supplier or suppliers of its choice and for which conditions for direct sourcing apply under the mandatory procurement procedures.
Panel An arrangement under which a number of suppliers, usually selected through a single procurement process, may each supply property or services to an agency as specified in the panel arrangements.

Reason for engagement
A. Skills currently unavailable within agency
B. Need for specialised or professional skills
C. Need for independent research or assessment

Consultancy Services Let During 2004-05, of Total Contract Value of $10,000 or More (Inclusive of GST)
Consultant Name Description Contract
Selection Process Justification
Chief Information Officer
Acumen Alliance Pty Ltd Specialist consulting services for the New Service Request Process Project. 954,242 Panel A
CBDKM Pty Ltd Development of Defence Architecture Information Model. 257,400 Direct Sourcing A
Clatyon Utz Legal Services for Portfolio Software Agreements. 14,386 Panel A
Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd Development of Defence Architecture Information Model. 27,056 Direct Sourcing A
Continuum Services Pty Ltd Specialist project management advice. 173,186 Direct Sourcing A
Continuum Services Pty Ltd Solution architect to enable departmental administrative applications. 297,894 Direct Sourcing A
Continuum Services Pty Ltd Support on the post information technology market testing equipment. 1,162,260 Direct Sourcing A
CSC Australia Pty Ltd Specialist project management advice. 292,306 Direct Sourcing A
EDS (Australia) Pty Ltd Support for PeopleSoft Human Resources/Payroll. 389,884 Direct Sourcing B
Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd Market research and advice for Core Research Service and Executive Program. 135,174 Direct Sourcing A
Giles & Associates Consulting Specialist services in consulting, investigation and report writing. 12,953 Direct Sourcing A
IBM Australia Ltd Advice on the Tivoli Implementation Analysis and Design. 16,720 Direct Sourcing A
IBM Business Consulting Services Advice on specific due diligence and transition activities. 177,452 Direct Sourcing A
KAZ Technology Service Pty Ltd Desktop local area network messaging system post warranty enhancements and recommendation report. 62,597 Panel A
Kizmet Consulting Group Pty Ltd Advice on the Enterprise Management System. 47,520 Direct Sourcing A
Meta Group Australia Pty Ltd Advice on information systems and information management. 323,510 Direct Sourcing A
Microsoft Pty Ltd Outline the Operational Support Model For Implementation. 106,920 Direct Sourcing A
Nortel Networks Advice on quality of service project. 107,800 Direct Sourcing A
Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd Specialist advice on Business Capability Management. 13,640 Direct Sourcing A
SMS Management & Technology Specialist project management skills and advice. 160,298 Panel A
The Public Affairs Recruitment Company Pty Ltd Communications services for Information Systems Division Projects. 104,804 Direct Sourcing B
Total Chief Information Officer 4,838,002  
Secretary/Chief of the Defence Force
David B Moore Conflict Management Development of communication skills component of the inquiry officer training course. 11,536 Direct Sourcing B
Total Secretary/Chief of the Defence Force 11,536  
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