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Discretionary Grants

Royal United Services Institute of Australia

The grant of $0.075m provides assistance to the Royal United Services Institute of Australia in promoting the discussion of national security and defence matters, and improving public awareness and understanding of such matters through:

  • the Institute's program of international seminars;
  • ongoing lectures in all states and territories; and
  • publication of a national journal, addressing strategic, defence and national security issues.

The grant also provides continuing support for the Institute's national secretariat to position the Institute to become more financially independent.

Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (Australian Chapter)

The grant provides assistance to the Australian Chapter of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific. The grant is made to promote discussion on security cooperation between countries of the Asia-Pacific, and to improve academic discourse and dialogue between member nations.

Total Grants - Other

In June 2005, a grant of $0.850m was made to the Frontline Organisation for funding assistance. Frontline is the Army and Air Force Canteen Service and provides shopping, taverns and leisure facilities on bases in Australia and overseas.

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