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Discretionary Grants

Army Military History Research Grants Scheme

This scheme supports and encourages research into the role and involvement of the Army in the development of the nation. Recipients of the grants are shown in the table below.

Table 7.5 Army Military History Research Grants Scheme Expenditure
Grantee State Title of Research Grant
Dr Harvey Broadbent NSW Turks and the ANZACS 6,000
Captain Craig Stockings ACT Australian Army Cadet Movement 9,000
Mr Christopher Wray Vic The Anvil: The Battle of Posieres 2,300
Mr Craig Daeyton Tas History of 47th Battalion, 1916-18 3,000
Mr David Hay ACT National Service and the Australian Army 2,300
Dr Frances Miley ACT Financing Army: A history of money in the Australian Army 1,500
Mr Jim Keep Faggotter NSW Australia: Don't Forget Us 1,850
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Likeman Qld From Law to War: The Life of Brigadier General Lachlan Wilson of the Light Horse 1,600
Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Cameron ACT Canister on Fire! Australian tank operations in Vietnam 4,500
Dr Ross McMullin Vic Geoff McCrae and Australia's Lost Generation 6,000
Mr Robin Corfield Vic The Lost Battalions 2,900
Mr Peter Phillips Vic Clothing and Equipment of the AIF, 1914-18 1,250
Mr Ross St Claire NSW 54th Australian Infantry Battalion, AIF, 1916-18 1,500
Mr Steven Bullard ACT The Real Enemy: Japanese and Australian forces in New Guinea, 1942-43 6,250
Total 49,950
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